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Measuring Information Exposure in Dynamic and Dependent Networks (ExpoNet)

1 January 2016 - 31 December 2018

PI/s in Exeter: Professor Susan Banducci

CI/s in Exeter: Dr Iulia Cioroianu Dr Travis Coan, Professor Lorien Jasny, Professor Gabriel Katz

Funding awarded: £ 486,296

Sponsor(s): ESRC

About the research

EXPONet will produce a set of tools allowing researchers to model exposure as a network and incorporate both social and traditional media sources. Whether one is consuming the news online or producing/consuming information on social media, the fundamental dynamic of consuming public affairs news involves formation of ties between users and media content by a variety of means (e.g. browsing, social sharing, search). Online media exposure is then a process of network formation that links sources and consumers of content via their interactions, requiring a network perspective for its proper understanding.

We propose a set of scalable network-oriented tools to

  1. extract, analyse, and measure media content in the age of "big media data",
  2. model the linkages between consumers and producers of media content in complex information networks, and
  3. understand co-development of network structures with consumer attitudes/behaviours.

Project Team

  • Professor Susan Banducci, SSIS, University of Exeter (PI)
  • Dr Travis Coan, SSIS, University of Exeter  (Co-I)
  • Dr Gabriel Katz, SSIS, University of Exeter  (Co-I)
  • Dr Lorien Jasny, SSIS, University of Exeter (Co-I)
  • Dr Hywel Williams, CLES, University of Exeter (Co-I)
  • Dr Iulia Cioroianu, SSIS, University of Exeter (Researcher)
  • Professor David Lazer, Northeastern University (International Co-Investigator)

Economic and Social Research Council