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Photo of Professor Gabriel Katz

Professor Gabriel Katz

PhD (Caltech), MSc (Caltech), Licenciatura in Economics (Universidad de la Republica)

Professor of Politics and Quantitative Methods

Amory A228

I am Professor (Personal Chair) of Politics and Quantitative Methods at the University of Exeter and Adjunct Professor of Political Economy at New York University - London. 

My research interests lie at the intersection of economics and political science, focusing on Latin American Politics, Political Behavior, Political Economy and Research Methods. My work has been published in leading economics and political science journals such as the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of PoliticsComparative Political Studies, the Economic Journal, the European Economic Review, and the Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, among others.

I earned my Ph.D. from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). I also hold an MSc. from Caltech and a Licenciatura in Economics from the Universidad de la Republica, in Uruguay.

Besides my academic work, I am a Senior Data Scientist at Virgin Money. Other roles I have held outside of academia include: research associate for Justice & Care, an NGO working on human trafficking in the UK and the developing world; statistical consultant for fhi360, an international non-profit human development organization; senior data analyst for YouGov/Polimetrix;  economist for Willis Towers Watson; and economic advisor for the Uruguayan government.
In the Summer Term 2023/2024 I will be a Visiting Professor of Political Economy at the Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay.

Research interests

My research uses advanced quantitative methods - mainly Bayesian statistics, but also causal inference and experimental techniques - to address substantive questions in comparative politics, political behaviour and political economy.

My work has been published in leading economics and political science journals, such as the American Journal of Political Science, the Journal of PoliticsComparative Political Studies, the Economic Journal, the European Economic Review, and the Journal of Law, Economics & Organization, among other outlets, and has been featured in policy reports by the United States Agency for International Development and Justice and Care UK.

Research Projects:

  • Tech Coalition Safe Online Research Fund: "Understanding the Determinants of OSEC in the Philippines", 2022-2023  (co-PI)
  • European Research Council: "CIVILSPACE, The Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Europe", 2022-2027 (Senior Collaborator)
  • Uruguayan National Research and Development Agency: "Political Economy of Development", 2019 (PI)
  • British Academy: “Using Machine Learning Methods to Correct for Survey Misreports in Cross-National Surveys”, 2016-2017 (PI).
  • ESRC: “Measuring Information Exposure in Dynamic and Dependent Networks (ExpoNet)”, 2015-2018 (Co-I).
  • ESRC: “Media in Context and The 2015 General Election: How Traditional and Social Media Shape Elections and Governing”, 2015-2017 (Co-I).
  • British Academy: “Public Service Corporations: estimating the link between public scrutiny and share prices”, 2015-2016 (Co-PI).
  • Humanities and Social Sciences Project Development Fund, University of Exeter: “The promise of non-probability samples: improving measurement and inference in cross-national survey research”, 2014-2015 (PI).
  • Marie Curie Training Network, European Commission: "VOTEADVICE", 2014-2018 (Co-I).


Research supervision

 I would be happy to supervise students working on Latin American Politics, Political Behaviour, Political Economy and Political Methodology. Students I have previously supervised have gone on to have successful academic careers in the UK and Europe.

Previous PhD Students (at University of Exeter):

  • Dr Adrian Millican, currently Associate Professor in Comparative Quantitative Politics, University of Durham, UK.
  • Dr Claudia Zucca, currently Assistant Professor, University of Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Current PhD Students: 

  • Nicholas Bradley. "Civil War terrorism".
  • Mariam Cook (ESRC-funded): "How can advanced quantitative methods support democratic innovation and decision-making?"

·     Cristina Montero (ESRC-funded): "Impacts of corporate agri-business on Bolivia’s Indigenous Peoples: a case study of soya bean value chains in the region of Santa Cruz".

        ·    Natalia Lopez Hornickel (ESRC-funded)

         ·    Jan Abril (ESRC-funded)

Other information

Resarch Associate, Justice & Care UK

Statistical Advisor, fhi 360

Senior Fellow, National Center for Research Methods, UK

External Examiner, University of Warwick, UK

Project Evaluator, Uruguayan National Reserch and Innovation Agency (Fondo Clemente Estable)

Associate Staff Member, Q-Step Centre, Exeter.

Research Affiliate, Finance and Economics Experimental Laboratory at Exeter (FEELE), Business School, University of Exeter.

Research Associate, Research Methods Centre, Business School, University of Exeter





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