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Our academic staff have written, edited and collaborated on a wide range of publications, some of our books are shown here.

Full details of staff publications can be found in individual academic profiles.

Dialogue in Palestine: The People-to-People Diplomacy Programme and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 (2020)<br /><a href=''>Nadia Naser-Najjab</a> <a href=''>Sustaining Conflict: Apathy and Domination in Israel-Palestine</a> (2016)<br /><a href=''>Dr Katie Natanel</a> Iran: What Everyone Needs to Know? (2016)<br /><a href=''>Dr Michael Axworthy</a>
<a href=''>The Biggest Prison on Earth: a History of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine</a> (2015)<br /><a href=''>Professor Ilan Pappé</a> The Medieval Nile: Route, Navigation and Landscape in Islamic Egypt (2014)<br /><a href=''>Professor John Cooper</a> Georgio Scala and the Moorish Slaves: The Inquisition Malta 1598 (2013)<br /><a href=''>Professor Dionisius A. Agius</a> Asia-Gulf Economic Relations in the 21st Century. The Local to Global Transformation  (2013)<br /><a href=''>Professor Tim Niblock</a> with Monica Malik Party Politics and the Prospects for democracy in North Africa (2013)<br /><a href=''>Dr Lise Storm
</a> La pensee d'Ibn al-Muqaffa - Studia Arabica XIX  (2013)<br /><a href=''>Dr Istvan Kristo-Nagy</a> Orientalism Revisited : Art, Land and Voyage (2013)<br /><a href=''>Professor Ian Netton</a> Business Politics in the Middle East  (2013)<br />Steffen Hertog, Giacomo Luciani and <a href=''>Dr Marc Valeri</a> Revolutionary Iran (2013)<br /><a href=''>Dr Michael Axworthy</a> Islam and Literalism: Literal Meaning and Interpretation in Islamic Legal Theory (2012)<br /><a href=''>Professor Robert Gleave</a> The Forgotten Palestinians: A History of the Palestinian minority in Israel (2011)<br /><a href=''>Professor Ilan Pappé</a> Islam,Christianity and the Mystic Journey:A Comparative Exploration (2011)<br /><a href=''>Professor Ian Netton</a> Unrecognized States in the International System (2010)<br /><a href=''>Professor Gareth Stansfield</a> and Liam Anderson
Hafez and the Religion of Love in Classical Sufi Poetry (2010)<br /><a href=''>Dr Leonard Lewisohn</a> The Kurdish Policy Imperative (2010)<br /><a href=''>Professor Gareth Stansfield
Crisis in Kirkuk: The Ethnopolitics of Conflict and Compromise (2009)<br /><a href=''>Professor Gareth Stansfield
</a> and Liam Anderson Mulla Sadra and Metaphysics: Modulation of Being (2009)<br /><a href=''>Professor Sajjad Rizvi</a> Oman: Politics and Society in the Qaboos State (2009)<br /><a href=''>Dr Marc Valeri</a> The Deradicalization of Jihadists: Transforming Armed Islamist Movements
 (2009)<br /><a href=''>Dr Omar Ashour</a> Classic Ships of Islam: From Mesopotamia to the Indian Ocean (2008)<br /><a href=''>Professor Dionisius A. Agius</a> The Arabian Frontier of the British Raj (2007)<br /><a href=''>Dr James Onley</a> Beshara and Ibn 'Arabi: A Movement of Sufi Spirituality in the Modern World. (2007)<br /><a href=''>Dr Suha Taji-Farouki</a>
Iraq: People, History, Politics (Hot Spots in Global Politics series) (2007)<br /><a href=''>Professor Gareth Stansfield
Scripturalist Islam: The History and Doctrines of the Akhbari School of Imami Shiism (2007)<br /><a href=''>Professor Robert Gleave</a>
Attar and the Persian Sufi Tradition: The Art of Spiritual Flight (2007)<br /><a href=''>Dr Leonard Lewisohn</a>
The Sword of Persia - Nader Shah, from Tribal Warrior to Conquering Tyrant (2007)<br /><a href=''>Mr Michael Axworthy</a>
Empire of the Mind: A History of Iran (2007)<br /><a href=''>Dr Michael Axworthy</a>
Classic Ships of Islam: From Mesopotamia to the Indian Ocean (2005)<br /><a href=''>Professor Dionisius A. Agius</a> Religion and Society in Qajar Iran (2004)<br /><a href=''>Professor Robert Gleave</a>
In the Wake of the Dhow: The Arabian Gulf and Oman (2002)<br /><a href=''>Professor Dionisius A. Agius</a>
Islamic Law: Theory and Practice (2001)<br /><a href=''>Professor Robert Gleave</a> Inevitable Doubt: Two Theories of Shi'i Jurisprudence (2000)<br /><a href=''>Professor Robert Gleave</a>