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Photo of Professor Frances Tammer

Professor Frances Tammer

Faculty Professor

I joined the University in November 2022, having previously worked as a senior civil servant and leader in the Ministry of Defence and the Cabinet Office. I bring to the Strategy and Security Institute my global strategic, policy, intelligence and operational experience, derived from working across Government and with NATO, the EU, the UN, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and multiple international partners and coalitions. In the UK I have serviced Prime Ministers, Ministers and the National Security Council and Parliament. On the international stage, I have worked with Ambassadors, Ministers, Military Heads and senior Civil Servants.

I am keen to pass on my knowledge honed from working on many of the seminal global events and trends that have shaped the world order over the past four decades, how the Whitehall and international machinery works and the skills and tools required for analysis, decision making and leadership in the private and public sectors in an increasingly fast paced, changing world. Above all, I want to stimulate your intellectual curiosity, develop your challenge abilities and help you develop your employability skills. As a long-term Champion of Gender, Diversity and Inclusion, having helped to reduce barriers and promote better opportunities for all.

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