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Dr Harrison Swinhoe

Lecturer in Politics

Prior to joining the University of Exeter as a Lecturer in Politics I studied at the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics, and the University of Leeds.

My PhD research  at Leeds explored the Islamic State’s construction of its strategic narratives of sovereignty and political legitimacy in its English language propaganda. This research made a number of original and significant theoretical and empirical contributions to the field of Terrorism Studies and a range of other literatures. I also published a solo authored article, ‘“They are not muslims. They are monsters”: the accidental takfirism of British political elites’, in Critical Studies on Terrorism which made a number of original contributions to debates within Critical Terrorism Studies relating to counter-radicalisation and counter-terrorism policy discourses in the UK and the literature on the PREVENT programme.

I also co-host and co-produce ‘Insecure: A Security Podcast alongside my colleague, Dr Marine Gueguin:

Research interests

·       Terrorism

·       Salafi-Jihadism

·       Security Studies

·       Sovereignty

·       Critical Constructivism

My current research explores how different Jihadist organisation understand, engage with, and construct the concepts of 'nationalism' and 'the nation'. In doing so it illuminates the contingent and contested nature of these concepts.

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