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Photo of Dr Pedro Perfeito Da Silva

Dr Pedro Perfeito Da Silva

Lecturer in Political Economy

Amory B212

 My research and teaching interests revolve around the challenges that globalisation introduces for the pursuit of development and the sustainability of democratic regimes at the capitalist periphery. In light of this broad political economy theme, I have investigated topics like the financial agenda of populist parties, the regulatory implications of the Latin American Pink Tide, the macroeconomic effects of capital account liberalisation, and the socioeconomic impact of creative industries.

My publications appeared in leading journals of the subfields of comparative politics, development studies, and political economy. Currently, my research agenda covers the following topics: the strategies of left-wing governments to financial subordination, the varieties of financial nationalism in Latin America and East-Central Europe, and the political economy of cultural policy in Brazil.
In line with my research and methodological expertise, I teach modules on comparative capitalism, international development, and political economy of populism.

Research interests

Politics of Capital Mobility in Latin America: analysis of how the interaction between government partisanship and popular mobilisation has affected the regulation of cross-border financial flows across the region.

Varieties of Financial Nationalism in East-Central Europe and South America: comparative study that seeks to trace the different strategies towards bank ownership, capital mobility, and debt management to the different ideological underpinnings of governing populist parties.

Political Economy of Cultural Policy in Brazil: analysis of how the features of hierarchical capitalism have shaped the evolution of cultural policies since the country's democratisation.

My previous research has been published in journals like Development and Change, Government and Opposition, Review of International Political Economy, Studies in Comparative International Development, and Third World Quarterly.





Research supervision

I am happy to supervise research projects in the fields of international political economy, comparative capitalism, Latin American politics, and cultural policies.

Methodologically, I am most comfortable with methods like panel data econometrics, qualitative comparative analysis, and comparative case-study.





I joined the University of Exeter as Lecturer in Political Economy in July 2023. Before that, I worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Economics at the University of Leeds between 2022 and 2023.

I hold a PhD in Political Science from the Central European University. During my PhD, I was a visiting fellow at the Hertie School (Germany), the Institute for Human Sciences (Austria), and Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).








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