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Photo of Dr Caroline Nye

Dr Caroline Nye

Senior Research Fellow


01392 722343

Lazenby House 1.01

Caroline Nye is a Research Fellow and social scientist at the Centre for Rural Policy Research (CRPR), University of Exeter. Her research interests include agricultural labour, farmer collaboration and landscape-scale farmer groups (Farmer Clusters), livestock marts and social responsibiliy, and the social drivers of antimicrobial resistance in rural communities. Caroline is also interested in farmer health and wellbeing and the social issues surrounding uptake of technologies in agriculture.

Research interests

Caroline has a broad range of research interests, the most current of which include:

  • Agricultural labour
  • Farmer collaboration and landscape-scale farmer groups (Farmer Clusters)
  • Livestock marts and social responsibiliy
  • The social drivers of antimicrobial resistance in rural communities
  • Farmer health and wellbeing
  • The social issues surrounding uptake of technologies in agriculture

She has been involved in a number of broad ranging projects including leading an examination of the impact of community pharmacies on equine welfare in India for the global team at The Donkey Sanctuary, a scoping study and evaluation/reccommendation report for the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, a Defra project researching the usage of risk management tools by land managers, and an empirical study of landscape-scale nature conservation groups (Farmer Clusters) for the Game and Wildlife Trust (GWCT). She is currently working on a project for the Prince's Countryside Trust, looking at social responsibility and livestock auction marts.

Other information

Member of the European Society for Rural Sociology (ESRS)


Caroline Nye completed her PhD in rural sociology/politics at the Univeristy of Exeter in 2017. Her thesis focussed on agricultural labour in the UK, contributing an original analysis of the composition of contemporary labour in the South West of England, as well as examining social, attitudinal, and behavioural changes that have arisen from transformations in the agricultural labour situation over the last fifty years.

Caroline holds an MA (Hons) in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh and a Diploma in International Development from the University of London/London School of Economics, with a focus on environment. She has also spent several years working further afield on international development projects and in industry in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Caroline speaks fluent Spanish.

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