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Photo of Dr Shubranshu Mishra

Dr Shubranshu Mishra


I am a Lecturer in Politics and International Relations. My research interests lie at the intersection of three fields: first, the project of decolonising knowledge to bring to light the colonial and postcolonial aspects of global politics and address the perils of hegemonic structures in the discipline; second, the biopolitical turn in social sciences to understand and elucidate the ways in which governments become adjudicators of questions of the life and death of citizens through various regulatory apparatuses; and third, to understand the empirical implications of decolonising and biopolitical projects. 


These aspects are at the core of my research and teaching in order to analyse the different technologies of power and gain a better understanding of the methods of control, coercion, war, and conflict in different regions.


I offer (or have previously offered) the following courses: 


POC1009: State, Society and Culture

POC1022: Violence In World Politics


POC2087: Security Studies 

POC2103: Introduction to Postcolonialism 

POC2112: Decolonising The Discipline of International Relations

POC2113: Violence, Truth, and Reconciliation: Bearing Witness 


HUC3046/POC3105: Negotiating Postcoloniality: History and Politics of Independent India

POC3106: Biopolitics of Security 


In these courses, I encourage students to examine the historical, cultural, geographical and political foundations of power and violence, and foreground the categories of class, caste, race and gender through a close reading of theoretical concepts, literature, visual material, and field trips.


I received a PhD from the University of Kent for my dissertation titled Bearing Witness: Truth, Violence and Biopolitics of Everyday Lives in Kashmir, which explored the heterogeneities of bearing witness to bring to light the continuum of impunity and the structures of militarisation and acquiescence in Kashmir. My PhD thesis was supervised by Tugba Basaran and examined by Mustapha Pasha and Iain MacKenzie. My recent publications include Mishra, S. (2018). A Death-Bound Subject: The Gravedigger of the Unmarked Mass Graves in Kashmir. In: H. Richter, ed., Biopolitical Governance: Race, Gender and Economy. London; New York: Rowman and Littlefied.


I am currently involved in the 'Decolonising Social Research' project, an advanced training programme for doctoral researchers, sponsored by the South West Doctoral Training Partnership (SWDTP). I am also on the advisory board for Political Anthropological Research on International Social Sciences (PARISS) journal.



Previously, I have worked with Amnesty International in India and hold postgraduate degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. At University of Exeter, I also represent the Politics department at the Equality and Diversity Committee at Penryn.

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