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Photo of Dr Caroline Micklewright

Dr Caroline Micklewright

Honorary Research Fellow

I am an Honorary Research Fellow at Exeter University and a Lecturer at Cranfield University.  Prior to entering academia, I was a logistics officer in the Royal Air Force specialising in Air Transport and Information Systems.  My PhD explored power, identity, and gender within the masculine military institution and its effects duringtrnsition our of the Armed Forces.

I am currently working on the Military Afterlives Project at Exeter University which aims to understand how British veterans and their families have experienced the transition out of the military and back into civilian life.

My current focus centres on publishing my PhD research, improving the outcomes of veterans, and championing the main streaming of gendered thought in organisational policy and decision making.


Research interests

Research Interests: 

I situate my work within Feminist and Critical Military Studies (CMS) an emergent interdisciplinary field of study that analyses military practices and institutions within their political, social, economic, and cultural contexts.  My main research interests include leadership theory, military to civiian transition, gendered identities and women in organisations..


Military Afterlives (2021- ongoing)


The Military Afterlives project aims to find out how veterans, and their families, experience the transition out of the military and back into civilian life. The project has been developed in collaboration with members of the veteran community and we are currently conducting interviews across the South West of England. Military Afterlives is funded by Volkswagen Foundation.


I graduated from Sunderland University in 1996 with a BA (Hons) in Business Studies.  I joined the Royal Air Force as a Logistics Officer in 1997 and served just over 16 years leaving in 2013.  During my time in the Royal Air Force I completed an MSc in Information, Management and Technology and undertook a range of Logistics related roles including an operational detachment to Iraq.  In 2015 I joined New Buckinghamshie University as an Associate Lecturer on their military education programme.  Also in 2015 I was accepted onto a fully-funded PhD Programme at The Open University under Dr Caroline Clarke gaining a Master in Research and was awarded my PhD in 2021.  In 2021 I joined Exeter University as a postdoctoral research fellow and became an Honorary Research Fellow in 2022.  I returned to Cranfield University in 2022  joining the facualty to lecture in Defence Mangement and Leadership at the Shrivenham campus.   

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