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Photo of Dr Hannah Bunting

Dr Hannah Bunting

Lecturer in Quantitative British Politics

Dr Hannah Bunting is Lecturer in Quantitative British Politics and SMART Skills Co-ordinator at the Exeter Q-Step Centre. She is part of the Department for Social and Political Sciences, Philosophy and Athropology.  

Hannah gained her undergraduate degree from the University of Plymouth in Politics and International Relations, where she was awarded the Elections Centre Prize for the Best Student in the Field of Electoral Studies, before coming to Exeter for postgraduate study. She won an ESRC 1+3 Studentship to complete her MRes and PhD in Politics. Hannah's doctoral thesis was entitled Electoral Competitiveness and Turnout: How System and Preference Uncertainty Impact the Decision to Vote in Britain. As a quantitative researcher, her interests include British elections, parties and party systems, gender, political trust and measurement. Her work has been published in journals such as the Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties

Hannah co-ordinates the delivery of the SMART Skills programme that provides students with training in data analysis and programming. Courses include Introduction to RStudio for Data Analysis and R-Fresher. They are run throughout the academic year and are open to every student.

Hannah also engages with the media as part of her passion for science communication. She has worked for Sky News, appeared on BBC and ITV television, several radio stations including BBC Radio 5 Live, and international outlets such as ABC and France 24.


You can find Hannah on twitter @_HannahBunting


A selection of Hannah's papers are found below:
Willis, H., Smith, J. C., and Devine, D., 2021. Care to trust? Gender and trust in leaders during the Coronavirus pandemic. Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties [online], 31 (sup1), 232–244. Available from:
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Jennings, W., Stoker, G., Bunting, H., Valgarðsson, V. O., Gaskell, J., Devine, D., McKay, L., and Mills, M. C., 2021. Lack of Trust, Conspiracy Beliefs, and Social Media Use Predict COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy. Vaccines [online], 9 (6), 593. Available from:
 Willis, H. 2019. Strategy Debates: The United Kingdom in the European Elections [online]. Available from:


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