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Dr Simge Andi



I am a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods for Political Science. My research focuses on misinformation. More specifically, I work on 1) why people consume, believe, and share misleading information and on 2) how behavioral interventions can help reduce people’s belief in and consumption of false or misleading information. I also work on electoral behaviour in authoritarian regimes.


In my research, I utilize a variety of theories and methods from political communication, behavioral science and political science. I often conduct experiments and large-scale survey analyses. 


Prior to joining Exeter, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford.


I hold a PhD in Political Science and International Relations (Koç University, 2019), an MA in European Studies (King’s College London, 2011), and a BA in International Relations (Koç University, 2009). I explored a number of careers prior to my PhD, and have, for example, been a PR consultant and have worked with humanitarian aid.

Research interests

Political communication: focusing on misinformation, and censorship

Experimental methods: focusing on survey and field experiments

Survey research

Political Behaviour

Research supervision

 I am interested in supervising on the following topics:

Political communication: misinformation, censorship, the effect of news on politics

Electoral behaviour in authoritarian regimes

Political methodology

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