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Dr Simge Andi



I am a Lecturer in Quantitative Methods for Political Science. My research focuses on misinformation. More specifically, I work on 1) why people consume, believe, and share misleading information and on 2) how behavioral interventions can help reduce people’s belief in and consumption of false or misleading information. I also work on electoral behaviour in authoritarian regimes.


In my research, I utilize a variety of theories and methods from political communication, behavioral science and political science. I often conduct experiments and large-scale survey analyses. 


Prior to joining Exeter, I was a postdoctoral research fellow at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, University of Oxford.


I hold a PhD in Political Science and International Relations (Koç University, 2019), an MA in European Studies (King’s College London, 2011), and a BA in International Relations (Koç University, 2009). I explored a number of careers prior to my PhD, and have, for example, been a PR consultant and have worked with humanitarian aid.


My personal webpage: 

Google Scholar profile:


Research interests

Political communication: focusing on misinformation, and censorship

Experimental methods: focusing on survey and field experiments

Survey research

Political Behaviour

Research supervision

 I am interested in supervising on the following topics:

Political communication: misinformation, censorship, the effect of news on politics

Electoral behaviour in authoritarian regimes

Political methodology

External impact and engagement

Podcasts and Blog Posts
How and why people access news on social media. University of Oxford, Podcast. 28 June 2021.

How people access news on climate change. University of Oxford, Podcast. 10 July 2020.

A new wave: female editors and new audiences. University of Oxford, Podcast. 16 March 2020.

How can universities tackle misinformation? Times Higher Education, Podcast. 15 September 2022.


How much do people around the world care about climate change? With James Painter. The Conversation. 16 June 2020.

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