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Mining The Chans: Exposing The Visual And Linguistic Dynamics Of Radicalisation In Far-Right Image-Boards (MineChans)

1 February 2020 - 1 August 2020

PI/s in Exeter: Dr Stephane Baele

CI/s in Exeter: Dr Lewys Brace, Dr Travis Coan

Research partners: UK Home Office (OSCT)

Funding awarded: £ 7,000

Sponsor(s): CREST

About the research

The MineChans project seeks to expose and analyse the visual and linguistic practices of a range of image-boards - the "Chans" - that play a central role in the emergence, and cementing of, a new transnational far-right subculture linked to several recent instances of terrorism.

Combining cutting-edge computer-assisted content analysis of the full textual and visual content of these forums with in-depth interpretive examination of sampled threads, this project will enhance the understanding how these websites relate to extremism and unlock new possibilities of counter-extremism/terrorism interventions for governments.