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Photographic exhibition and documentary film festival of the Aboriginal Embassy

14 February 2013 - 13 May 2013

PI/s in Exeter: Dr Andrew Schaap

Funding awarded: £ 40,000

Sponsor(s): Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)

About the research

The purpose of the project is to support an indigenous curator and historian in Australia in putting together a photographic exhibition and documentary film festival on the history and political significance of the Aboriginal Embassy in Canberra, Australia. This would be linked to a broader collaborative project that Schaap is developing with Amnesty International and Minority Rights Group International that will culminate in a symposium in London in September 2013 at which the film festival and exhibition will be installed. Schaap will submit an application for follow-on funding to the AHRC in late November 2012 to support this larger project The aspect of the project for which support is sought from the Cultural Engagement fund would be to bring the exhibition and film festival to Exeter by working with new partner organizations here such as the RAMM, Phoenix, the university branch of Amnesty International, Exeter University, and/or Global Centre.

Arts and Humanities Research Council