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Public Policy and Governance Group (PPGG)

Public Policy Research

Welcome to the webpages of the Public Policy and Governance Group (PPGG) based in the University of Exeter’s Politics Department.

Members of the PPGG have expertise across a wide range of public policy theories, issues and methodologies. We publish in high impact generalist and specialist journals and in practitioner-oriented publications. Many of our members are also members of the Centre for European Governance and collaborate in networks both within and beyond the cluster on a range of research themes.

Key areas of research interest for the PPGG include behavioural policy and experimental methods, deliberative policymaking and citizen governance, the interface between politics and policymaking, environmental policy, European governance, gender and public policy, implementation, health policy, regulatory governance, the organisation of public services, the regulation of the digital economy, global governance and global public policy. We approach these topics from a wide range of theoretical and methodological perspectives.

Research projects 


Members of the Group deliver:

We also teach a variety of related PGT and UG modules. We supervise PhD students from around the world on the whole range of public policy and public administration research for more information see Research students.

Members of the Group include:

Rebecca Baker Politics and International Relations
Dr Sarah Cooper Gender and public policy, health policy, criminal justice, law & public policy
Professor Claire Dunlop Evidence-based policy, impact assessment, policy learning, regulatory governance, theories of the policy process
Professor Isabelle Engeli Agenda setting and the policy process; gender+/sexual+ equality policy; morality politics and policy; comparative methods
Dr Athanassios Gouglas  Political elites; comparative parliaments; special advisers; global governance
Dr Stephen Greasley Delegation, government outsourcing, economic governance
Professor Alison Harcourt Regulatory competition, internet governance, standard developing organisations
Dr Mike Melidis  
Professor Oliver James Behavioural public policy and administration, political participation, evidence in politics and policy
Dr Nick Kirsop-Taylor Public Policy and Administration
Dr Sandra Kröger European integration, Brexit, democracy, the politics of the digital, smartphones
Dr Alice Moseley Behavioural public policy and administration, political and civic engagement, environmental policy, democratic innovations
Dr Lesley Rowan  
Professor Duncan Russel Environmental policy, science-policy interactions, policy appraisal
Dr Maya Vachkova  

Affiliated Group Members:

Professor Matt Lobley Rural sociology, Geography, farm households
Dr Angela Cassidy Science-policy interactions; governance and the public sphere; environment, agricultural and health policy 

Doctoral Researchers:

NameWorking withInterests and projects
Ibrahim Bornoma David Benson, Nick Kirsop-Taylor and Duncan Russel Energy Transitions, Nigeria, Energy Politics
Mehmet Metin Uzun Oliver James and Ana Bedushi Regulatory governance, science and technology policy, AI governance and regulation.
Sophie Stenson Oliver James and Lewis Elliott RENEW Project in Sustainable Governance and Environmental Volunteering
Sen Lin Oliver James and Andrei Zhirnov Behavioral public administration, coproduction of public service and trust in government


You can find out about our recent activities through the Politics Department newsfeed.