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Photo of Dr Taek Kyu Kim

Dr Taek Kyu Kim

Lecturer in Public Policy and Public Administration

Amory B204

Dr Taek Kyu Kim joined the University of Exeter as a Lecturer in Public Policy and Public Administration (E&R) in September 2023. His research tackles the topics in public policy and administration, exploring government performance, collaborative governance, quasi-marketization, and accountability system. 

Taek Kyu had a multicultural experience by studying in both South Korea and the United States. Before joining Exeter, he completed his PhD in Public Affairs at the University of Missouri, which shed light on different managerial and employee behaviors in response to performance signals in terms of co-production, effort substitution, and employee fraud. In South Korea, he studied public administration at Kyung Hee University and also held an MA in Public Administration from Yonsei University.

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