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Care-experienced academics working in higher education

1 January 2022 - 31 December 2023

PI/s in Exeter: Associate Professor Neil Harrison

Research partners:

Funding awarded: £ 9,935

Sponsor(s): British Academy

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Care-experienced academics working in higher education

About the research

People who experienced the care system as children generally have less positive life outcomes than their peers. The reasons are complex, but include social and educational disruption, mental and physical health issues, stigmatisation and economic deprivation. Despite this overarching picture, many make very successful transitions into adulthood, including rising numbers of care-experienced people who participate in higher education.

This study will explore those now pursuing an academic career, having thrived within the education system despite profound challenges in their early lives. They will have important insights into the risk and protective factors that shape educational success, with the added perspective of reflecting on their own experiences through the lens of the educator they have become. Their stories will also illuminate the challenges of entry into a competitive career, including negotiations of professional and personal identity.