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Evaluating the Silver Stories programme: a pilot study

1 January 2021 - 1 January 2022

PI/s in Exeter: Dr George Koutsouris

CI/s in Exeter: Tricia Nash Professor Brahm Norwich

Research partners:

Sponsor(s): ESRC IAA Project

About the research

The project is the pilot trial of the Silver Stories programme that involves school age children reading to older people and is seen as a way of tackling both social isolation/ wellbeing issues and reading difficulties.

Programme activities take place exclusively at a distance (on the phone) using a particular protocol and strict privacy and safeguarding procedures; and are thus highly relevant to the Covid period as well as cost-effective. Children are been referred to the programme by their teachers for reading or social and emotional difficulties, and whole schools can join the programme.

In collaboration with the Silver Stories charity, we are conducting a 12-month pilot evaluation project to understand how the programme works and its potential outcomes for social wellbeing and literacy.