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Misogyny In The Modern World: From Politics to Violent Extremism

Date: 19th October 2022

Time: 11:30- 16:00

Place: University of Exeter, Queens Building, Queens LT7.2 Room

Anti-woman and anti-feminist attitudes pervade throughout society, from everyday micro-behaviours to macro-level, societal, issues. This free special workshop will bring together a number of notable researchers who have looked at these issues in a number of disparate areas, including in electoral behaviour, political representation, gender-based violence, and violent extremism. The aim of the workshop will be to present state-of-the-art research in the areas below and to encourage discussion between participants and attendees in order to develop research ideas and potential collaborations.

Workshop schedule:

1130: Welcome and introduction.

1200: Susan Banducci and Liz Ablett: Campaign Ethnographies: Examining Women’s Experiences on the Campaign Trail.

1230: Kaitlin SenkMeasuring Sexism in Cross-national Surveys.

1300: Sofia Collignon from Queen Mary University of London: Measuring and addressing gendered political violence in the UK.

1330: Lisa Sugiura from University of Portsmouth: Reflections on Researcher Safety and Wellbeing when Studying Online Misogynistic Groups.

1400: Debbie Ging: The Manopshere.

1430: Lewys Brace: Incels and online extremism.

1500: Simone Long: Incels and the far-right.

1530: Closing statements and social.

To attend online, please provide us with your name and email address click here and a link will be sent out the day before.