Undergraduate Module Descriptor

POL3242: Political Representation UK-Style

This module descriptor refers to the 2022/3 academic year.

Module Content

Syllabus Plan

Whilst the module’s precise content may vary from year to year, it is envisaged that the syllabus will cover some or all of the following topics:

  • Political representation – what is it, and why (and how) does it matter?
  • Politics of presence? Symbolic, descriptive and substantive political representation
  • Modelling and measuring political representation
  • Levels of political representation – from local to national politics
  • The under-represented (using the Audit of Political Engagement)
  • ‘The Good Parliament’ – push, pull and prevent effects of the political system on political representation
  • Changing the rules
  • Does representation trickle up or down? From Parliament to devolved legislatures to local councils – and back again

Learning and Teaching

This table provides an overview of how your hours of study for this module are allocated:

Scheduled Learning and Teaching ActivitiesGuided independent studyPlacement / study abroad

...and this table provides a more detailed breakdown of the hours allocated to various study activities:

CategoryHours of study timeDescription
Scheduled Learning & Teaching activities20Seminar discussions
Scheduled Learning & Teaching activities14Simulation games and exercises
Scheduled Learning & Teaching activities10Primary data analysis in the labs
Guided independent study95Completing readings assigned for the module on a weekly basis
Guided independent study20Preparation of formative assignment 1 (critical reviews). Selecting and analysing 2 research articles, writing up critical reviews
Guided independent study40Preparation of assignment 1 (research essay). Conducting research, synthesing and analysing evidence, writing up results
Guided independent study30Preparation of assignment 2 (poster presentation). Conducting research, analysing data and writing up results, designing visualisations
Guided independent study14Preparation of formative assignment 2 (research report outline). Researching and writing up a research report outline
Guided independent study45Preparation of assignment 3 (research report). Conducting research, collecting and analysing data and writing up results
Guided independent study12Receiving and reflecting on feedback

Online Resources

This module has online resources available via ELE (the Exeter Learning Environment).

Audit of Political Engagement https://www.hansardsociety.org.uk/publications/reports/audit-of-political-engagement-16

Durose, C., Gains, F., Richardson, L., Combs, R., Broome, K., & Eason, C. (2011). Pathways to Politicshttp://www.equalityhumanrights.com/publication/research-report-65-pathways-politics

Representative Audit of Britain http://parliamentarycandidates.org/project/representative-audit-of-britain/

The British Election Study https://www.britishelectionstudy.com/