Undergraduate Module Descriptor

POC1021: Key Concept in Politics and International Relations

This module descriptor refers to the 2016/7 academic year.

Please note that this module is only delivered on the Penryn Campus.

Module Aims

This introductory module aims:

-       To introduce you to key academic concepts that we will build on throughout the politics and international relations course;

-       To provide you with a critical understanding of the key theoretical and practical debates and challenges within the field of international politics, international relations, global security, humanitarian aid, emergency and post-crisis transitions;

-       To equip you with the tools necessary to analyse and understand the multiple operational contexts and settings within countries of varying development levels.

Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

This module's assessment will evaluate your achievement of the ILOs listed here – you will see reference to these ILO numbers in the details of the assessment for this module.

On successfully completing the programme you will be able to:
Module-Specific Skills1. demonstrate knowledge of the major theories and frameworks of international development and international relations in the various subfields examined in oral and written work, and assess their value and limitations;
2. evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of international policy with reference to one or more case studies in oral and written work;
3. critically apply and evaluate a range of theories about politics to historical and contemporary issues in oral and written work;
4. demonstrate an appreciation of the historical factors underlying the evolution of political theory in the context of international relations.
Discipline-Specific Skills5. use key concepts pertaining to international politics and international relations in oral and written work;
6. synthesize and critique a variety of theories and arguments in the field in written work;
7. understand the implications of new evidence for a given theory in oral and written work;
8. demonstrate an understanding of the different methods of research in the field and their implications for findings in oral and written work.
Personal and Key Skills9. work independently and in groups, including presentations for class discussion, and in spontaneous discussion and defence of arguments in class, and to manage conflict;
10. demonstrate oral and written analytical and organizational skills in essays, group presentations and group discussion;
11. present research findings to a variety of audiences, ranging from academics to policy-makers and practitioners;
12. complete assignments to a deadline.