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Dr Elahe Naserianhanzaei

Research Fellow on ExID Project

Dr Elahe Naserianhanzaei is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Exeter’s Department of Politics. Trained as a computer scientist, Elahe is passionate about problems at the intersection of data science, social science, and political science which has been motivated by the availability of large-scale online social data, the amalgamation of advances in machine learning, and the grounding in human-centered approaches.

As part of the ExID project (, Elahe is currently studying the far-right online communities to derive computational and large-scale data-driven insights, through language and visual imagery, and to develop mechanisms to identify how those far-right communities make some socio-political issues salient and construct particular collective identities. Before joining the ExID project, she worked as a social data scientist at the University of Exeter’s Psychology Department (CLES), where she contributed to the development of computational methods to make sense of human behavior and psychological state, as manifested via our online digital traces (


Before joining the University of Exeter (2018), Elahe completed her PhD in 'Human Movement Analysis' where she built personalised models to predict and recommend the locations of interest to users.Her work has been published in several high-quality journals and conferences.

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