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Photo of  Patrick English

Patrick English

Honorary Lecturer

Patrick is a Lecturer in Data Analysis at the Exeter Q-Step Centre. He teaches programming, coding and data analysis methods for social science research at undergraduate level. Patrick's research interests surround the politics of ethnic minority and immigrant origin groups: specifically their descriptive representation, policymaking concerning their rights and integration, and public opinion. He uses a variety of methodological techniques and contributes to onging methodological debates on the measurement of public opinion and time series analysis. Outside of academic work, Patrick is also a consultant psephologist, and works annually on BBC Election programmes as part of the exit poll and results analysis team led by Professor Sir John Curtice.

Research interests

I am interested in elections, public opinion, and party behaviour around the selection of candidates and promotion of MPs. My research is primarilly focused on Britain, but I also draw from comparative perspectives in my various collaborative projects. I use a wide range of methods and tools in my research, including: multilevel models, time series analysis, and Bayesian inference. I work frequently in both R and STATA, and have some familiarity with Python.

Modules taught


Patrick was schooled in comprehensives in outer London and later rural Lincolnshire, before moving on to complete a degree in Politics and Philisophy at the University of Sheffield. Patrick stayed at the University of Sheffield to complete an MA in Politics and Research Methods, under the supervision of Professor Maria Grasso. Patrick moved on to the University of Manchester to complete a PhD in Politics under the supervision of Professor Maria Sobolewska and Professor Rob Ford. During his time at the University of Manchester, Patrick took up visiting positions at Sciences Po (Paris) and in Mexico City at the Cetro de Investigacion y Docencia Economicas. Patrick completed his PhD in early 2018 and then held brief research positions at the Institute for Social Research in Oslo and then at the University of Sheffield before moving to take up his current post at the University of Exeter.

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