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Photo of Dr Stephane Baele

Dr Stephane Baele

Associate Professor in Security and Political Violence


01392 725861

Dr. Stephane J. Baele (Ph.D. Academie Louvain – University of Namur, Belgium; MA University College London, UK) is Associate Professor and co-Director of the Centre for Advanced International Studies (CAIS). He is also currently the academic coordinator for the International Summer School in International Relations.

His research chiefly focuses on the role of language in political violence and (in)security, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, but also on International Relations theories. Exploring a wide range of empirical cases, this work makes use of both qualitative and quantitative methods, has been supported by external funders like CREST or NORFACE, and appears in very different journals from across the social sciences spectrum.

Research group links

Research interests

- Terrorism and political violence, especially the role of language and visual imagery. Online extremist communications.

- IR theory, securitization theory, Foucault's philosophy.

Research supervision

I am always keen to supervise BA, MA, and PhD students who wish to work on the linguistic, visual and communicative processes involved in political violence and terrorism, especially from a multidisciplinary perspective and with innovative methods.

Research students

Current PhD student: Ms. Farah Karim, " Examining the “Clash of Civilizations” in the Islamic World: Saudi Arabia and Iran’s Civilizational Identity Construction in School Textbooks and Political Speeches”.

External impact and engagement

Dr. Baele regularly informs and consults with various UK security and intelligence services. His research and interviews have appeared in the media (BBC, Arte Television, STV, 12News, France 24, etc.). 


Dr Stephane Baele joined the Department of Politics in 2014, after obtaining his PhD in Belgium (Academie Louvain - University of Namur) and his MA at University College London. He teaches and conducts research on two main fields: political violence and extremist groups on the one hand, and International Relations on the other hand; he has published extensively in both areas.

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