Making Methods Matter: Enhancing Experience, Embedding Employability

What we did

We invited nine end-users of politics research to talk to our students about how they use politics research in their daily work lives. These guest lectures have been video recorded so that they may benefit the wider HE sector.

  1. John Stewart, Heathrow and Communities Against Noise
  2. Karen Woods, independent journalist
  3. Martin Tod, Men’s Health Forum
  4. Matt Korris, The Hansard Society
  5. Iain Hasdell, Employee Ownership Association
  6. Tim Decamp, Cabinet Office
  7. Joe Twyman, Yougov
  8. Chris Smith and Clare Powell, Sovereign Housing
  9. James Marshall, Southampton City Council Research

The aim of these videos is to alert students to the importance of research looking beyond their dissertation projects into the world of work.