Making Methods Matter: Enhancing Experience, Embedding Employability

What our students did

The students were then required to work in teams to write a 4,000-6,000 word report based on a real life policy problem. This gives students experience of engaging in real research, prepares them for their dissertations, as well as giving them work-place style experience.

Students' projects are available at the links below:

Download documents:

Students were also asked to produce an interactive on-line assignment. Southampton students were required to produce a summary of their policy-brief reports, whereas Exeter students had the possibility to instead produce a video about what they had learned about the research process more generally. Available at the links below.

Ian Hasdell: Employee Ownership: Awareness and the Best Conditions for it to flourish


 Joe Twyman: Sex politics and reality TV


Matt Korris: Research in the real World


Clare Powell & Chris Smith: Sovereign


Martin Tod: Social scientific methods in industry, politics and the third sector


Karen Woods: Research and the Media


John Stewart: Uses of research in campaigning


Southampton students

Employee Ownership Association: Awareness and the Best Conditions for it to flourish

Southampton City Council Research

Men’s Health Forum: Why are men reticent to visit their GP

Cabinet Office 

Hansard Society

Sovereign Housing Association (1)

Sovereign Housing Association (2)

Heathrow and Communities Against Noise

You Gov

Karen Woods (independent media consultant)

Exeter (Cornwall) students