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There has never been a more urgent need for strategists; those able to make sense of an increasingly complex and volatile world. We are responding to this challenge with a set of unique educational programmes to develop the leaders of the future; those who are determined not only to understand but to shape events.

Dr Martin Robson, Academic Director and MStrat Programme Director

"The purpose of our education programmes is not just to pass on knowledge with authority, but to develop the professional judgement of future decision-makers.

Our ethos is to develop students’ judgment through a dialogue between theory and practice. We approach education as an active, experiential and dynamic exercise and bring students into contact with leading figures from government, the military, business and the public sphere.

In a world where resources are scarce, information is ambiguous, where threats and security are hard to measure; the SSI shapes leaders who can give us a wiser future."

Research degrees

Our research degrees provide opportunities to study with leading academics and practitioners who are specialists in strategy and security. We offer MPhil/PhD study and a one-year Masters by Research. Find out more >

Executive education

We have a range of short courses and simulations for external partners and organisations. We work with you to deliver applied innovative education, based on cutting-edge theory and relevant practitioner experience. Find out more >

Grand Challenges

Grand Challenges is a project week in which you will work in interdisciplinary groups with other like-minded students to design innovative solutions to real world challenges. SSI offers Global Security as a challenge.

Grand Challenges >

Global Security >