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Q-Step undergraduate programmes at Exeter

The University of Exeter Q-Step Center offers five undergraduate programmes to students interested in developing data analysis skills to perform informed and realistic analyses of political and social events.

These programmes provide training in the scientific study of social science and integrate the use of cutting-edge quantitative methods, explanatory theory and techniques of political research with the study of substantive issues. Students will learn by observing and engaging in the authentic activities of real data-analysis. Core computing, research design and data analytics techniques are taught with an innovative and hands-on approach.

The following undergraduate degrees are offered by the Exeter Q-Step Centre:

Students enrolled in these programmes will be offered the option to undertake up to an 11-week work placement with one of our industrial partners in the second year, supported by a bursary. Q-Step students can also apply for bursaries to attend summer schools in social science data analysis, and have access to the QStep Support Desk which offers one-to-one expert feedback to students questions associated with data analysis modules.