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Next to the outreach projects detailed below — towards schools and institutions, — there are also close links to businesses and institutions looking for innovative analysis of their data, through the guaranteed placements for Q-Step students.

Exeter Q-Step focuses on the following three types of outreach:

Schools engagement


We have developed an exciting programme to work with Year 10 and Year 11 students that integrates data analysis with election related vote advice applications. The students work alongside social researchers and software developers to create a vote advice app, an online tool for their school fellows to find out which political party is closer to the issues that matter to them.

iDemocracy ran in 2014 during the ESRC Social Science Festival with Year 10 students from Isca Academy.

Core Maths

The Exeter Q-Step Centre also works closely with colleges teaching `Core Maths' in the South West. Core Maths is a new qualification designed for students who have achieved a grade C or above at GCSE, that aims to develop pupils' mathematical skills and thinking. Read more on the Core Maths website.

Collaborative projects

We collaborate with third sector and public organisations with data needs. We have been working with organisations such as the Electoral Reform Society to analyse data from the 2015 UK General Election with the support of our Exeter Q-Step students. Read more on the UK Data Service website.

Summer placements

From July 2016, the Exeter Q-Step Centre is a partner for the Nuffield Foundation Research Placements scheme. We host sixth form students to offer hands-on experience of a professional research environment through a 4-6- week placement during their summer holidays. Students have the opportunity to work alongside our social scientists and learn core data analysis and computing skills. Find out more on the Nuffield Research Placements website.