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European Identities

Dario Castiglione has published on issues of European citizenship and political identity. He was also involved in the first EU-funded project explicitly addressing the issue of European Citizenship (TSER Network on European Citizenship: EURCIT).



Oliver James has researched EU citizens' rights when living in a member state other than their own. Bureaucratic discrimination can undermine the operation of these rights. Working with colleagues in Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, the research team has found that some nationalities and those with fluent language of the host country are positively discriminated over citizens with broken language skills. Potential discriminatory behaviour of public administrators is similar to behaviour of the general population, suggesting that working for the public sector does not insulate against these possibilities.

Ekaterina Kolpinskaya’s research focuses on the effects of religion on Euroscepticism in Britain, and how they are moderated by national identity, attitudes to immigration, social conservatism, economic and political ideologies.

James Mark researches European identity in global context, addressing the Eurocentrism of much work on identity, and focussing on Europe as contested co-construction. Currently, he is particularly interested in questions of the evolution of European identity with the collapse of western European Empires.

Florian Stoeckel past research analyses the drivers and implications of a collective European identity. For instance, he examined whether and how social interactions between Erasmus students contribute to a collective European identity. Florian is also interested in the role of citizens’ political identities – national and European – for European solidarity.