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RegGov ECN

RegGov ECN is the early-career network of the ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance (RegGov). Our aim is to serve as an international platform that will encourage early-career researchers specialising in regulatory governance to: (1) engage in career-related conversations and (2) contribute to the generation of new research ideas and research projects.

Last year’s RegGov ECN online global conference attracted significant interest - nearly 30 presentations across 8 panels, featuring a number of interesting papers and presentations.

This year we are inviting early-career researchers to an evening reception with a career-building flavour, scheduled to run between 18:00 and 19:00 on Wednesday 23rd June 2021. The reception event is entitled: ‘What’s next? An interactive horizon scanning for early-career researchers’.

The reception will start with a 20-min introduction by a senior scholar providing advice around horizon scanning and generation and realisation of research ideas, with a particular focus on grant applications. We will then gather in breakout sessions organised around particular themes such as sustainability, institutional autonomy, COVID-19 and regulation, digital governance and AI, and regulatory democracy. In these groups, we will discuss potentially emerging research trends and ideas on how to study them.

The session will bring ample networking opportunities. We invite early-career researchers to join us and contribute to the exchange of ideas over the next ‘hot’ research topics in the field of regulatory governance. As always, our invite remains open to all early-career researchers to join RegGov ECN and contribute to its activities.

If you have any queries regarding the conference event or RegGov ECN, please direct them to:

Members of the Organising Committee:

  • Flavia Donadelli (Lecturer, Victoria University Wellington)
  • Janina Grabs (Research Associate, D-GESS, ETH Zurich)
  • Jose A Bolanos (Research Associate, CARR, LSE)
  • Slobodan Tomic (Lecturer in Public Management, University of York)
  • Yair Osheroff (PhD Candidate, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)