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ECPR Conference 2021 Programme

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Day 1 - Wednesday 23rd June 2021

10:30-12:30 Social networking activity:


12:30-13:00 Welcome by Duncan Russel, Head of Department, Department of Politics University of Exeter.


13.00 – 14:30 Keynote Addresses

Carolyn Tuohy - Regulatory Governance and Institutional Narratives

Sofia Ranchordás - Regulatory Innovation and Future-Proofing for Europe

Moderator: Gaia Taffoni, ERC Project Protego


14.30 – 15:00 break


15.00 – 16.30 Panel sessions 1


Panel 1.1 Varieties of Pressure on Regulatory Governance

Chairs: Takuya Onoda and Christel Koop

Title: The evolution of regulatory governance for the rapid decarbonisation of electricity systems

Author: Jose Maria Valenzuela

Title: Regulation in the limelight: Analysing changes in media coverage of independent regulators in Britain

Authors: Christel Koop and Martin Lodge

Title: The Political Consequences of the Regulatory States: Drug Rationing Policies in England and France

Author: Takuya Onoda

Title: Natural Disasters and Weak Government Institutions: Creating a Vicious Cycle that Ensnares Developing Countries

Author: Kanksha Mahadevia Ghimire


Panel 1.2 Experimentalism and Reflexivity

Chair: Colin Scott

Title: Potential for Reflexive Regulation in the Area of ​​Personal Data Protection in Poland: Lessons from the Case of Group

Author: Klaudia Gaczoł

Title: Meta-Regulation and Conflict: Towards a Dialectical Model of Meta-regulation

Author(s): Maciej Pichlak

Title: The Single Supervisory Mechanism for European Banking Union: Experimentalist Practices Beneath a Hierarchical Veneer?

Author: Jonathan Zeitlin


Panel 1.3 Economic regulation and global governance

Chair: Claudio Radaelli

Title: What’s in it for me?’ A preliminary examination of Australia’s financial crime information-sharing partnership and its influence on the reform of anti-money laundering regulation

Author: Paula Chadderton

Title: Global Governance in Corporate Taxation: The Big Four Professional Services Firms as Rule Intermediaries

Author: John Mikler, Ainsley Elbra and Hannah Murphy-Gregory

Title: Better Regulation or Better Representation: The Missing Normative Theory of Regulatory Impact Assessments 

Author(s): Vesco Paskalev

Title: How did international economic regulation survive the last period of deglobalisation?

Author(s): Eva Heims Perri 6 and Martha Prevezer


Panel 1.4 Sustainability, Global Supply Chains, and Reputational Dynamics (Panel I of Stream of panels on Corporate Reputation and Regulatory Governance)

Chairs: Colin Provost and Judith van Erp

Title: Recombinant Pasts and CRISPR Futures: The Processes and Outcomes of Beneficially Constraining GMO Regulation in the US and Europe, 1975 to Present

Author: Konrad Posch

Title: Effects of Regulatory Frameworks in Interaction With Information Technology on the Use of Sustainability Information on Corporatized Public Services

Author: Ulf Papenfuß and Kristin Wagner-Krechlok

Title: Environmental Disasters and Brand Reputations: The Case of BP's Deepwater Horizon

Authors: William McGuire, Ellen Holtmaat and Aseem Prakash

Title: Sustainability paradoxes along the supply chain in implementing zero-deforestation commitments

Authors: Janina Grabs and Rachael Garrett


Panel 1.5 Rethinking public sector regulation

Chair: Duncan Russel

Title: Governing and regulating  organizational heterogeneity. Theoretical suggestions  from  reforms in higher education

Author(s): Benedetto Lepori and Giliberto Capano

Title: Regulating visual (data) communication by public actors

Author(s): Anne Meuwese

Title: What Works in Regulating Green Business Development?-A Comparative Analysis of State-led versus Voluntary Approaches in Hangzhou and Hong Kong

Author(s): Wei Li, Shuoshuo Li, and Huan Liu


Panel 1.6 Regulatory governance and the welfare state

Chairs: Avishai Benish and Philipp Trein

Title: The expansion of regulation in welfare governance

Authors: Avishai Benish and David Levi-Faur

Title: The regulatory welfare state: comparing regulatory agencies in twelve countries and eight sectors, 1990’s to the 2010’s

Authors: Hanan Haber and Eva Heims,

Title: Go work, integrate well, and live healthy! The politics of integrating social regulation into the welfare state

Author: Philipp Trein

Title: Loss of regulatory integrity and threat to democracy: Australia’s Robodebt scandal

Author: Valerie Braithwaite


16.30 – 18:00 Panel sessions 2


Panel 2.1 Enforcement and control: controlling the state

Chair: Oliver James

Title: The Unitary Executive Theory in Comparative Context

Author(s): David Driesen

Title: When Monitoring Becomes Political

Author(s): Pieter Zwaan and Jonas Schoenefeld

Title: The Rise of the British Regulatory State: More Authorizations, More Discretion, Less Vagueness

Author(s): Nir  Kosti

Title: Bureaucrats, Politicians, and the Strategic Use of Information

Author(s): Luca Bellodi


Panel 2.2 New Paradigms, New Explanatory Models

Chair: Sarah Cooper

Title: Legislators and bureaucrats as drivers of regulatory policy change: The case of energy storage technologies

Authors: Sebastian Sewerin and Nicolas Schmid

Title: Comparing theories explaining relationship between trust and regulatory compliance: Is convergence possible?

Authors: Monika Glavina, Frédérique Six and Koen Verhoest

Title: General environmental duties and small business – Investigating the motivations for compliance in ‘invisible’ duty-holders.

Author: Joel Edwards


Panel 2.3 Exploring Historical Trajectories

Chair: Steven Greasley

Title: Behavioral Responsive Regulation: Bringing Together Responsive Regulation and Behavioral Public Policy

Author(s): Yael Kariv-Teitelbaum

Title: The democratic origins of regulatory agencification. Regulatory agencies' autonomy and power fragmentation

Author(s): Jacint Jordana, Xavier Fernández-i-Marín and David Levi-Faur

Title: The Remaking of the American Regulatory State and Financialization

Author(s): Basak Kus

Beyond agenda-setting: a topic modeling analysis of European policy preparation

Author(s): Lise Frehen and Beaulieu-Guay Louis-Robert


Panel 2.4 The Global Diffusion of Competition Policy: Causes, Consequences and Challenges

Chair: Christel Koop

Title: Old Tools for the New Economy? The Role of Counterfactual Causation in Anti-competitive Foreclosure and Remedial Analysis of Data-driven Markets

Author(s): Zlatina Georgieva, Nora von Ingersleben-Seip

Title: Analysing the adoption and spread of competition policy in the Global South?

Author: Christel Koop

Title: Actors of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Competition Commission's Supranationalism, 2013-2018: The Role of Intermediary

Author: Vellah Kedogo Kigwiru


Panel 2.5 The Politics and Regulation of Technology

Chair: David Levi-Faur

Title: Regulatory design for Regtech compliance and enforcement

Author: Rob Nicholls 

Title: How to regulate in a complex world

Author(s): Martin de Bree and Martin Dees

Title: Beyond the oxymoron: mapping and synthesizing the relationship between regulation and innovation from an interdisciplinary perspective

Author: Bruno Queiroz Cunha and Flavia Donadelli

Title: Technological Disruption, Scientific Uncertainty and Regulatory Innovation: Where Next?

Author: Irina Brass


18.00 – 19:00 RegGov Early Career Network event: What’s next? An interactive horizon scanning for early career researchers


Organised by Yair Osheroff, Flavia Donadelli, Janina Grabs, Jose A Bolanos and Slobodan Tomic


In this interactive session to close the day, the RegGov Early Career Network invites early career researchers to connect and exchange ideas over the next ‘hot’ research topics on the horizon in the field of regulatory governance. After a short input that covers some tips and tricks around horizon scanning, idea generation and putting those ideas into practice (e.g. by acquiring your first own research grant), we will gather in breakout sessions by themes (e.g. sustainability, technology, or ‘Covid-19 and preparing for the next pandemic’) and discuss what issues are likely on the horizon, and how to best study them. The session will also allow for ample networking opportunities.


19:00 – 21:00 Networking social


Day 2 - Thursday 24th June 2021

8:00-9:00 Plenary

Regulatory Studies Award and Keynote Lecture by John Braithwaite - Beyond Realist International Relations Theory in Governance of Global Crises

Award Ceremony: Majone Prize


09:00-10:30 Panel sessions 3


Panel 3.1 Naming, Shaming, and Criminal Deterrence (Panel II of Stream on Corporate Reputation and Regulatory Governance)

Chairs: John Braithwaite, Mike Levi and Hannah Harris

Title: Shaming and Deterrence in Advance of Enforcement

Author: John Braithwaite

Title: Shaming Reconsidered:  A Tale of Two Philip Greens

Author: Mike Levi

Title: Addressing Corporate Crime Recidivism: could a black-list for repeat offenders incentivise meaningful compliance?

Author: Hannah Harris

Title: Regulatory sanctions and media coverage: Evidence from the financial industry

Author: Roy Gava


Panel 3.2 Controls in a shared administration - the enforcement of EU Law.

Chairs: Sabrina Röttger-Wirtz and Miroslava Scholten

Title: The shared EU aviation safety system within the framework of the International Civil Aviation Organization: enforcement and accountability challenges

Author: Florin Coman-Kund

Title: The system of controls over shared enforcement

Author: Miroslava Scholten 

Title: Agencies and MS cooperation in inspection tasks: do accountability regimes follow suit?

Authors: Mariolina Eliantonio and Federica Cacciatore

Title: Controlling escapes from law: the externalization of migration policies as shared administration of EU borders with Third Countries and its effects on accountability

Author: Luisa Marin

Title: Enforcement of EU pharmaceutical: inspection cooperation from global to EU to national level

Author: Sabrina Röttger-Wirtz


Panel 3.3 Regulating digital platforms

Chair: Colin Scott

Title: Explaining the role of policy regimes in the creation of normative acceptance or resistance in the digital platform age

Author(s): Sarah Anne Ganter

Title: Making sense of sharing platforms: the case of Airbnb in Amsterdam

Author(s): Maria Galeano Galvan and Haiko van der Voort

Title: Intellectual Property Rights Over Social Assistance Technologies: Mapping Regulatory Trajectories and Complexities

Author: Alexandre San Martim Portes and Jenna Harb

Title: Personal Public Credit Information at the intersection of China’s Social Credit System and the Personal Information Protection Laws: Beyond consent in the age of big data and AI.

Author: Fengshi Wu

Title: Regulating Artificial Intelligence Systems: a Regulatory Proposal for Qatar

Author(s): Ahmed Badran


Panel 3.4 Regulatory design in consumer protection

Chair: Alice Moseley

Title: Perpetuating Traditional Power Dynamics? Failures in Accountability in Regulatory Approaches to Healthcare Redress

Author: Sarah Devaney and Rob Heywood

Title: The regulatory governance conditions that support effective food policies for population nutrition: a qualitative comparative analysis

Author: Yandisa Ngqangashe

Title: Tailor-made Consumer Protection: Personalization's Impact on the Granularity of Consumer Information.

Author: Joasia Luzak

Title: Is the effective regulation of football possible?

Author: Wyn Grant


Panel 3.5 Democratic Backsliding and autocratic governance

Chair: Gaia Taffoni

Title: the policy implications of democratic and authoritarian regimes: The liberalization of professions in Thailand, 2005-2020

Author: Francesco Stolfi

Title: Democratic backsliding, de-Europeanization and the transformation of regulatory governance: the case of Turkey

Author(s): Işık D. Özel

Title: Public Policies of Authoritarian Regimes, between Elites and the Public: Comparative Analysis of Housing and Urban Planning Policies in Russia and Turkey

Authors: Marina Khmelnitskaya and Sevinc Bermek

Title: The Evolution of Iranian Governance Landscape, the rise of Regulatory Governance

Author(s): Ahmad Zolfaghari, Seyyed Mohammadsadegh Emamian, Ehsan Mohammadzadeh and Morteza Zamanian


Panel 3.6 Meet the Editors

Chair: Sarah Cooper

Claudio Radaelli, International Review of Public Policy

Martin Lodge, Public Administration (Past editor)

David Levi-Faur, Regulation & Governance

Helen Xanthaki, International Association for Legislation (IAL), General Editor Theory and Practice of Legislation


10:30 – 11:00 Break


11:00 – 12:30 Panel sessions 4


Panel 4.1 Trust and Regulatory Governance

Chairs: David Levi-Faur, Koen Verhoest and Martino Maggetti.

Title: Theoretical Reflections and Experimental Findings on Trust in PA and Public-Private Cooperations

Authors: Rahel Schomaker and Michael W. Bauer

Title: Regulatory Governance, Civil Regulation and Regenerating Trust in the Aftermath of Crises: The Role of Standard Setting Organizations

Author: Zuno George Verghese

Title: Reducing Risks with No-Party Trust

Author(s): Maria Jose Schmidt-Kessen and Helen Eenmaa-Dimitrieva

Title: Future proof management of Conduct Risk and Integrity issues. A plea for proactive behaviour by organizations on reputational damage and liability risks sensitive issues.

Author(s): Bonne van Hattum and Nico de Leeuw


Panel 4.2 Advancing the Discussion on Bureaucratic Reputation

Chair: Ahmed Badran

Title: Discreet Power through Reputation: Towards a Mechanism of Regulatory Empowerment?

Author: Thibaud Deruelle

Title: (How) does regulator reputation motivate sandbox participation among innovative firms? Exploratory evidence from the UK fintech sector

Author: Lauren Fahy

Title: Tracing the sources of institutional autonomy: a case for methodological individualism

Authors: Slobodan Tomic and Djordje Pavicevic


Panel 4.3 national policy meets multilevel governance

Chair: Stephen Greasley

Title: When private governance impedes multilateralism: the case of agricultural standards and the Rotterdam Convention

Authors: Fiona Kinniburgh, Henrik Selin, Noelle Selin, Miranda Schreurs

Title: Comrades or Acquaintances? Social network analysis of transnational sustainability standard communities in meta-governance of ISEAL Alliance

Author(s): Yixian Sun and Ellen Holtmaat

Title: Finally free to cut EU red tape? Whitehall deregulation caught between de-Europeanisation and devolution

Author(s): Viviane Gravey

Title: Understanding exemption clauses in public policy

Author(s): Oliver Fritsch and Michail Melidis


13:00-14:00  Administrative meetings


ECPR Standing Group on Regulatory Governance Steering Committee Open Meeting - All Welcome 


14:00-15:30  Round Tables


Round Table 1: The Role and Limits of Transparency in Promoting CSR

Chair: Kelly Kollman

Title: Engaging Stakeholders in Corporate Decision-making through Strategic Reporting: An Empirical Study of FTSE 100 Companies

Author: Irene-marie Esser, Iain MacNeil and Katarzyna Chalaczkiewicz-Ladna

Title: Being Heard by Doing Good? Corporate Reputation and Political Access

Author: Alvise Favotto

Title: CSR, transparency and international law: the state that we are in

Author: Henry Lovat

Title: A Neglected Pillar? Explaining Firms’ Uneven Engagement with Social and Environmental Sustainability

Author: Alvise Favotto and Kelly Kollman

Title: The Role and Limits of Transparency in Promoting CSR

Author: Kelly Kollman


Round Table 2: Roundtable book discussion on “Business Lobbying in the EU”

Chair: David Coen

Authors:  Alex Kataitis (LSE) and Matia Vannoni (Kings)


Alison Harcourt (Exeter University)

David Levi-Faur (Jerusalem)

Martino Maggetti (Lausanne University)

Graham Wilson (Boston University)


Round Table 3: Author meets critics. Janina Grabs presents ‘Selling Sustainability Short? The private governance of labor and the environment in the coffee sector’

Chair: Gaia Taffoni


Colin Provost

Jean-Christophe Graz


Round Table 4: Book discussion ‘Does effective law matter? A discussion on occasion of the book ‘Designing Effective Legislation’ by M Mousmouti

Chair: Prof. Helen Xanthaki

Authors: Maria Mousmouti


Frantzeska Papadopoulou Skarp, Professor of Civil Law with specialisation in IP, University of Stockholm (Sweden)

Marius Pieterse, Professor, School of Law, University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)

Anne Amin, Legal and Governance specialist at the Policy, Legislation and Governance Section of UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlements Programme)


Round Table 5: Evidence, Regulation and Governance: New Projects and Findings

Sponsored by the ERC Project Protego, Procedural Tools for Effective Governance,

Chair: Claudio Radaelli


Saras Jagwanth - United Nations

Kristian Krieger - European Commission Joint Research Centre

Peter Biegelbauer - Austrian Institute of Technology

Thomas König - University of Mannheim, School of Social Sciences


15:30-16:00  Break


16:00-17:30 Panel sessions 5


Panel 5.1 Panel: The role of the Innovation principle in EU Regulation

Chairs: Sabrina Röttger-Wirtz and Maria Jose Schmidt-Kessen

Title: Regulation of emerging technologies: a false dichotomy between innovation and precaution?

Author: Leonie Reins

Title: Precaution and Innovation in the EU’s Circular Energy System: waste framework directive, renewable energy and Prato Nevoso Termo Energy

Author: Lucila de Almeida

Title: Precaution and Innovation in EU Pesticide Regulation: the case of glyphosate

Author: Sabrina Röttger-Wirtz

Title: The Role of the Innovation Principle in EU Platform Regulation

Author: Maria Jose Schmidt-Kessen

Title: From an undefined innovation principle to a revised understanding of the proportionality principle: A wolf in lamb's clothing or a leaner-meaner tool to manage risk?

Author: Kathleen Garnett


Panel 5.2 Regulation, Instruments and Outcomes

Sponsored by the ERC Project Protego, Procedural Tools for Effective Governance,

Chair: Claudio Radaelli

Title: A new dataset of procedural regulatory instruments. Data generation, architecture and usages

Authors: Jonathan C Kamkhaji, Claire A Dunlop, Claudio M Radaelli

Title: Regulatory Procedures and Outcomes

Authors: Claire A Dunlop, Jonathan C Kamkhaji, Claudio M Radaelli, Gaia Taffoni, Claudius Wagemann

Title: The Institutional Grammar Tool Meets the Narrative Policy Framework: Narrating Institutional Statements in Consultation

Authors: Claire A Dunlop, Jonathan C Kamkhaji, Claudio M Radaelli and Gaia Taffoni

Title: Uncovering Administrative Judicial Review Mechanisms across the EU

Authors: Gaia Taffoni


Panel 5.3 Compliance and Regulatory Coordination

Chair: Joasia Luzak

Title: Commitment, Trust and the Provision of Public Services

Author(s): Tony Prosser

Do Compliance Monitors Work?  Evidence from State Level Settlements in the United States

Author(s): Colin Provost and Paul Nolette

Title: How supranational regulators keep companies in line: Analysis of the enforcement styles of EU agencies

Authors: Rik Joosen and Asya Zhelyazkova

Title: Credible Corporate Commitments as Private Governance Mechanisms

Authors: Janina Grabs and Rachael Garrett


Poster session 5.4 Lessons from the US; how could Europe have 'better regulated' vehicle emissions?

Author: Maeve McLoughlin


18.00 – 20.00 networking event / Gather.Town


Day 3 - Friday 25th June 2021

09:00-10:30 Panel sessions 6


Panel 6.1 Politics of regulatory intermediaries

Chair: David Levi-Faur

Title: The Role of Regulatory Intermediaries in the Individualization of a Health and Safety Issue

Author: Scarlett Salman

Title: Religious communities as regulatory intermediaries? Formal and informal roles to regain moral authority in a secular age

Authors: Irina Ciornei, Eva-Maria Euchner, Olivia Mettang and Michalina Preisner and Ilay Yesil

Title: Playing the Field: Mapping and Leveraging Gatekeepers and Regulatory Intermediaries in the Promotion of Labour Law Compliance

Author(s): John Howe and Tess Hardy

Title: Can labelling create holistic transformative food system change? The urgent climate change/health/welfare challenge of factory farming of animals

Author: Christine Parker


Panel 6.2 Regulatory compliance in the telecommunications infrastructures

Chair: Alison Harcourt

Title: CFIUS and Team Telecom - Foreign interests and national security in telecommunications

Author: Ewan Sutherland

Title:  Judicial controls, mediated legitimacy and accountability in regulatory governance: a comparative assessment of 100 agencies from the energy and telecomm industries

Author(s): Luis Everdy Mejía

Title: Regulation and the Digital Welfare State: Questions of Surveillance and Infrastructural Power

Author(s): Kathryn Henne

Title: Antitrust in action: regulating tech giants with hierarchy and experimentalism

Author: Bernardo Rangoni


Panel 6.3 EU Multilevel Governance

Chair: Duncan Russel

Title: Governance Reform and Public Acceptance of Regulatory Decision Making: A Survey Experiment on Pesticides Authorization in the EU

Authors: Jonathan Zeitlin, Theresa Kuhn, Maria Weimer and David van der Duin

Title: The Eurolex dataset and a computational analysis of emerging actors in EU law

Author(s): Camille Borrett, Moritz Laurer and Andrea Renda

Title: From cooperation to coordination: the evolution of European Administrative Networks

Author(s): Francesca Pia Vantaggiato


Panel 6.4 Cross comparative analysis in stakeholder governance

Chair: Jonathan Kamkhaji

Title: Reforming inspection over childcare provision: Lessons from Israel

Author(s): Smadar Moshel

Title: How pervasive is Regulatory Capture? A Reassessment of Capture Theory

Author(s): Eva Heims

Title: Who governs the use of consultants in the age of consultocracy?

Author(s): Andrew Sturdy

Title: The use of information for Better Regulation: the tension between evidence-based policymaking and stakeholders’ inclusion

Author(s): Lise Frehen and David Aubin


Panel 6.5 Citizen participation in regulation: a comparative view Panel I

Chairs: Hanan Haber, Eva Heims and Martin Lodge

Title: Participatory regulation in social care: a literature review

Authors: Hilla Dolev and Aluma Levi Zohar

Title: Citizens and responsiveness in environmental regulation: Some insights from India

Authors: Ranjan Kumar Ghosh, Keerthi Kiran Bandru and Vinish Kathuria

Title: Experimenting with citizens as a third party in regulation: a comparative qualitative case-study of regulatory practices in Dutch healthcare

Authors: Bert de Graaff, Suzanne Rutz, Annemiek Stoopendaal, Hester van de Bovenkamp

Title: Consumer and Citizen Engagement in Co-regulatory Rule-making

Authors: Karen Lee and Derek Wilding


Panel 6.6 The political dimension of reputations across different industries (Panel III of Stream on Corporate Reputation and Regulatory Governance)

Chairs: John Braithwaite, Mike Levi and Hannah Harris

Title: Shaming a Sector: Regulatory responses to the Hayne Royal Commission

Author(s): Rob Nicholls

Title: Being Heard by Doing Good? Corporate Reputation and Political Access

Authors: Kelly Kollman, Alvise Favotto and Fraser McMillan

Title: Dynamics and biases in corporate naming and shaming and their relevance for regulatory governance

Author: Judith Van Erp


11:00-12:30  Panel sessions 7


Panel 7.1 The Regulation and Governance of International Sport

Chairs: Eric Windholz, Slobodan Tomic, Rebecca Schmidt

Title: Regulating Sport-related Concussion: Identifying Key Characteristics of Dominant Regulatory Actors

Author: Annette Greenhow

Title:  Regulating Player Labour Mobility in Baseball: Is a Global Transfer System Needed?

Author: Matt Nichol and Keiji Kawai

Title:  To what extent sports governance is, and shall be – regulatory governance?

Authors: Rebecca Schmidt and Slobodan Tomic

Title:  Sports’ Anti-Doping Regime:  Regulatory Capitalism in Action

Author:  Eric Windholz


Panel 7.2 Reputation building in regulatory agencies

Chair: Oliver James

Title: Agencies and Intermediaries Roles in the Transposition of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive in Spain

Author(s): Adriana Mutu

Title: The evolution and organization of regulatory quality agencies in the French food sector. Challenges and frontlines for the XXI century

Author: Armelle Mazé


Panel 7.3 Risk and Regulation

Chair: Alice Moseley

Title: Challenges to Post-Crisis Regulatory Effectiveness: Who interprets risk and responsibility within Ireland’s financial consumer protection regulatory framework?

Author(s): Conor Cashman

Title: Regulating environmental risk: a web of trust

Author(s): Joanne Hawkins

Title: Regulatory Penalties and Reputational Risk : Evidence from Systemically Important Financial Institutions 

Authors: Sharadha Tilley and Brian Byrne


Panel 7.4 transnational private governance

Chair: Nick Kirsop-Taylor

Title: The evolution and effectiveness of private regulation in global supply chains

Author: Jose A Bolanos

Title: Grounding the effectiveness of labour standards in global production networks: the role of labour institutions

Authors: Jean-Christophe Graz, Jimena Sobrino Piazza and André Walter

Title: Private Certification in the Fight Against Terrorist Financing: A Study in Effectiveness, Compliance and Legitimacy.

Authors: Hannah Harris and Doron Goldbarsht

Title: The governance structure of effective networks: how business associations cope with the inclusiveness/efficiency tension

Author: Angel Saz-Carranza


14.00 – 15.30 Panel sessions 8


Panel 8.1 Strengthening the Nexus between EU Legislation and its Enforcement

Chairs: Michael Hübner and Ton van den Brink

Title: Differentiated legislation and uniform enforcement in the GDPR

Author: Michael Hübner

Title: ‘Equal pay in the EU: bridging the disconnect between its regulation and enforcement’

Author: Linda Senden

Title: Interactions through Soft Norms in the EU Multi-level Space – the Cases of Competition Enforcement and Telecommunications Regulation

Author: Zlatina Georgieva


Panel 8.2 Corporate governance and self-regulation

Chair: Oliver James

Title: The Perils of Private Governance

Author: Tracey Roberts

Title: Citizens’ Attitudes towards Rule-based Public Services Incorporating Forms of Artificial Intelligence

Author(s): Oliver James, Susan Banducci, Ana Beduschi and Laszlo Horvath

Title: Are we R-I-I-I-T? What the rule of law industry can tell us about regulatory intermediaries.

Author(s): Veronica Taylor

Title: Regulatory  intermediaries and moral dilemmas. Religious actors in abortion and euthanasia policies in Belgium

Authors: Irina Ciornei, Michalina Preisner and Ilay Yesil


15:30 -17:00 Panel sessions 9


Panel 9.1 Public Accountability

Chair: Ahmed Badran

Title: Accountability through Mutual Attunement: How Can Parliamentary Hearings Connect the Elected and the Unelected?

Author(s): Alexander Katsaitis and Andreas Eriksen

Title: Assessing Accountability of Electronic Media Authorities under Regulatory Governance: The Case of PEMRA

Authors: Mahnoor Farooq and Nasira Jabeen


Panel 9.2 Regulating Private Actors

Chair: Gaia Taffoni

Title: Coltan – blood in my mobile

Author Ewan Sutherland

Title: Differences that matter: Certification, corporate governance, & the paradox of isomorphic differentiation

Author(s): Jose A Bolanos

Title: Regulatory Rationales: How Unfair Contract Terms Regulation is (Mis)Shaped by its Conventional Justifications

Author: Marcus Moore

Title: Understanding compliance and enforcement practices in the contemporary UK private rented sector

Author(s): Alex Marsh, Dave Cowan and Jennifer Harris


Panel 9.3 Cross Sector Crises

Chair: Duncan Russel

Title: The Resilience of Voluntary Economic Activism in Times of Crisis - Lessons from the Great Recession

Author(s): Panagiotis Delimatsis

Title: Explaining China’s uneven response to COVID-19: The role of hybrid bureaucracy in tackling a public health emergency

Author: Jiwei Qian and Yoel Kornreich


Panel 9.4 Regulatory oversight bodies: towards a new (meta-regulatory) research

Chairs: Oliver Fritsch and Jonathan Kamkhaji

Title: Regulatory oversight bodies: towards a new conceptual framework

Authors: Oliver Fritsch and Jonathan Kamkhaji

Title: Institutionalising regulatory oversight: a comparison of 15 jurisdictions

Author(s): Jonathan Kamkhaji and Oliver Fritsch

Title: Abuse of Regulatory Power: a step forward in the journey towards effective competition advocacy in the public sector, regulatory improvement and oversight?

Author: Denis Guimaraes

Title: Institutional Roles and Goals for Retrospective Regulatory Analysis

Author(s): Jonathan Wiener and Lori Bennear


17.00 - 19:00 Gather.Town and end of conference



Chair: Nick Kirsop-Taylor