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Centre for Computational Social Science Team Members

Katharine Boyd

Senior Lecturer (Criminology)

Lewys Brace

Senior Lecturer (Criminology)


Susan Banducci Professor of Politics Politics
Travis Coan Associate Professor in Computational Social Science Politics
Alexey Bessudnov Associate Professor (Sociology) SPA
Lewys Brace Senior Lecturer in Computational Social Science (Criminology) SPA
Lorien Jasny Senior Lecturer (Politics) Politics
Katharine Boyd Senior Lecturer (Criminology) SPA
Chris Playford Senior Lecturer (Sociology) SPA
Nitzan Peri-Rotem Senior Lecturer (Sociology) SPA
Andrei Zhirnov Lecturer (Politics) Politics
Simge Andi Lecturer (Politics) Politics
Hannah Bunting Lecturer (Politics) / SMART Skills Lecturer Politics
Michele Scotto di Vettimo Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Cecilia Meneghini  Lecturer (Criminology) SPA
Kaitlin Senk  Research Fellow Politics
Mariam Cook Associate Lecturer (SMART Skills) Politics
Maria Papageorgiou Lecturer (Politics) Politics
Gabriel Katz Associate Professor Politics
Amy McKay Associate Professor Politics
Jason Reifler Professor in Political Science Politics
Clare Saunders Professor of Politics (Cornwall) Politics
Darren Schreiber Senior Lecturer in Politics Politics
Oliver James Professor of Political Science Politics
Ekaterina Kolpinskaya Lecturer in Politics Politics
Anna Mountford-Zimdars Professor of Education/Director for the Center of Social Mobility Education
Chico Camargo Lecturer in Computer Science Computer Science
Massimo Stella Lecturer in Computer Science Computer Science
Miriam Koschate-Reis Senior Lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology Psychology
Dr Neil Harrison Associate Professor in Education and Social Justice / Director of Research and Impact Education


Hannah Grant C2S2 Manager HASS
Angela Harvey C2S2 Centre Co-ordinator HASS
Kate Llewellyn C2S2 Centre Administrator HASS
Anna Sitko C2S2 & Project Support Co-ordinator (SMART Skills) HASS
Dave Morning C2S2 & Project Support Co-ordinator (SMART Skills) HASS



Working Title / Area of Interest


Yiyang Gao An Investigation of Ethnic Segregation in English Secondary Schools Alexey Bessudnov
Bella Longdon How does gender and political ideology affect the discourse aorund the #MeToo movement Susan Banducci
Inés Fernández Moral The Transformation of Family Structure and Function in Bahrain Nitzan Peri-Rotem and Irene Fernández Molina
Mirjam Nanko Climate Change Believers and Sceptics: A text-mining approach to measure their impact on the political discourse  Travis Coan
Laura Roldan Gomez Forest in Conflict - A social-ecological analysis of the nexus between armed conflict and deforestation in Colombia between 2000 to 2018 Lorien Jasny
Ned Westwood The heroes and villains of climate change: a multimodal approach to narrative analysis on social media Travis Coan, Hywel Williams and Saffron O'Neill
Jen Wilcox Knife Crime Moral Panic: Assessing the interactional dynamic between the media, public policy and frontline services Katharine Boyd
Aditi Dutta The dynamics of online misogyny: Developing early linguistic warnings for online hate towards women

Susan Banducci

Chico Camargo

Simone Long  An Exploration of the Linguistic and Visual Practices of Far-Right Militia Groups in Online Messaging Boards

Professor Brian Rappert and Dr Lewys Brace

Ranadheer Malla Computational approaches to detecting in-groups in extremist communication

Travis Coan and Laura Smith

Ziyue Zhu The impact of gender stereotypes in UK and US political advertising on election outcomes

Susan Banudcci and Stevens Daniel

Mariam Cook  OPOQ: A theoretical and computational framework for making better decisions together.

Gabriel Katz