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Activites and conferences

Details of future events will be advertised here, whether pre-subscribed conferences, open seminars or invitation-only workshops.

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Term 2

January 22

Amory B218

Torill Stavenes and Milka Ivanovska Hadjievska, Research Associate, Exeter

'The Impact of Mission Pursual on Representation: The case of Green Parties and Environmental Organisations' (draft article) 

January 29

Amory B218

Piotr Sula, Lecturer, Institute of Political Science, University of Wroclaw

'Supporting Losers: The Electorate of Small Parties in European States' (research grant proposal)

February 19


Amory B218

Susan Banducci, Professor, Greg Stride, PhD candidate and Livia Testa, Exeter

'The Voter ID Pilot and Turnout in the 2018 and 2019 English Local Elections' (draft article)

February 26

Amory B218

Athanassios Gouglas, Lecturer in Politics, Exeter

ESRC New Investigator Grant project proposal ‘Institutional Determinants of Legislative Turnover in Asian and African Polities’

March 11

Amory B218

Nicholas Dickinson, Lecturer, Exeter

'Case for Support’ (ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship draft proposal)

March 25

Amory A239C

Evgeny Sedashov, Assistant Professor, NRU Higher School of Economics, Andrei Zhirnov, Associate Lecturer, University of Exeter, and Mert Moral, Assistant Professor, Sabanci University

'Institutional Constraints on Coalition Formation' (draft article)

Term 1

October 2

Amory A239C

Amy McKay, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Exeter

‘Stealth Fundraising’, chapter from book manuscript 'Stealth Lobbying: Interest Groups, Influence, and Health Care Reform'

October 16

Building:One Syndicate Room B

Elena Gadjanova, Lecturer in Politics, Exeter

Does Fake News Repel Undecideds in a New Democracy? Evidence from Ghana’ (BA small research grant proposal)

October 23


Amory B310

Piotr Sula, Lecturer, Institute of Political Science, University of Wroclaw

'Small Parties in Central and Eastern Europe 1989-2016'

November 8

(Friday, 12:30-1:30pm)

Amory B310

Nicole Bolleyer, Professor of Comparative Politics, Exeter, Patricia Correa Vila, Lecturer at Aston University and Gabriel Katz, Associate Professor, Exeter

'How Birth Shapes Death: Taking Dynamics Seriously in the Comparative Study of Party Survival’ (draft article)

November 20


Amory B218

Will King, Teaching Assistant, Exeter

'The Mobilisation of Young Voters by Political Parties and Campaigns during the 2011 AV Referendum, the 2014 Scottish Independence Referendum, and the 2016 EU Referendum' (research proposal draft)

December 4

Amory A239C

Athanassios Gouglas, Lecturer in Politics, Exeter

ESRC New Investigator Grant project proposal ‘Institutional Determinants of Legislative Turnover in Asian and African Polities’

CEMaP Cake for Comments Sessions 2018/19

If you want to have your work discussed – please get in touch with Nicole or Nick

Term 1

September 12


Eva Thomann, Senior Lecturer, ‘Customized implementation of EU policies: Causes, patterns, and consequences (CUSTOMIZE)’ (ERC Starter Grant Proposal)



September 26

Catarina Thomson, Senior Lecturer, and Lorien Jasny, Senior Lecturer, ‘For all the right reasons: Using entailment models to examine support for military intervention among UK security elites’ (Paper Draft)


Amory B142

October 10


Lise Herman, Lecturer in Politics, ‘Parties in the age of democratic crisis’ (Book Proposal)


Amory B106

October 24


Liam Weeks (University College Cork), Lecturer in Government, 'Parliaments without parties’ (Draft Consolidator Grant to the Irish Research Council)


Amory B142

November 7


Sam Power, Lecturer in Politics, Kate Dommett (Sheffield), Lecturer, and Patrick Seyd (Sheffield), Emeritus Professor, ‘Bringing a gun to a knife fight? Utilising 'triggers' to maximise membership potential’ (Draft Paper)


Amory B143  

November 21


Matthias Dilling (Oxford), Stipendiary Lecturer in Politics, ‘Parties under pressure: Organization, Factionalism, and Adaptability of Western European Christian Democracy’


Amory B142

December 5


Bice Maiguashca, Senior Lecturer, ‘Lovely People, but Utterly Deluded?’ Political Science’s Trouble with Corbynism’, (Paper Draft)

Amory B143


December 19


Nicole Bolleyer, Professor of Comparative Politics, ERC Consolidator Grant Proposal ‘The ‘Shrinking Space’ for Civil Society in Europe: Drivers and Consequences’


Amory B143



Term 2

January 16



Room TBC

January 23


Darren Halpin (ANU), Professor of Political Science, Title TBC (Draft Article)


Room TBC

Feb 6

Thomann, E. Deruelle, T. and O. James. ‘Ethnic and racial bias in frontline implementation: a systematic review of possible interventions’ (Paper Draft)


Room TBC

Feb 20

Nils-Christian Bormann, Lecturer in Politics, Title TBC 


Room TBC

March 5


Lamprini Rori, Lecturer, Title TBC


Room TBC

March 20

Oliver James, Professor of Political Science, Title TBC

Room TBC

Term 2

January 24

Amory A239C

Gabriel Katz, Senior Lecturer in Politics, Exeter, Ramon Cobo-Reyes, Exeter, Gary Charness, UC Santa Barbara and J. García, Complejo Hospitalario de Jaen

Leverhulme Grant Application 'Improving Healthy Eating in Children: A Field Experiment in Primary Schools' 

February 7

Amory A239C

Patricia Correa, Associate Research Fellow, Exeter

'Electoral strength and internal party asymmetry in the Spanish Popular Party' (draft article)

February 28

Amory B218

Alice Moseley, Lecturer in Politics, Exeter, Alistair Clark, Newcastle University and Emily Rainsford, Newcastle University

Nuffield Grant Application 'Countering Political Disaffection: Online interventions to enhance electoral registration amongst non-voting citizens'

March 7

Amory B218

Stephen Greasley, Lecturer in Politics, Exeter

'Corporate reputation in the outsourced state' (draft article)

 March 14

Amory B218

Benjamin Lyons, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Exeter

'Examining Implicit and Explicit Conspiracy Theories: Effects on Factual Beliefs and Resistance to Correction' (draft article)

March 21

Amory B310

Torill Staveness, PhD Student, Exeter

'State funding, professionalisation and new minor party survival: Evidence from Italy' (draft article)

Cemap/Q-Step 'Cake for Comments' research sessions (2017/18) supported by a SSIS ADR fund to discuss work in progress of SSIS researchers and visitors (Wednesdays 1-2)

Term 1

August 24

Thursday, 1-2

XFI Seminar Room B

Nicole Bolleyer, Patricia Correa Vila, Politics, and Andrew Livingstone, Psychology, Exeter

Leverhulme Grant Proposal 'How Parties Cope with Internal Conflict: Balancing Pluralism and Unity'

September 20

Amory A115

Irene Fernández-Molina, Lecturer in Politics, Exeter

ESRC Grant Proposal 'Agency within Neoliberal ‘Subalternity’: Comparing the Political Economy-Foreign Policy Link in Jordan and Morocco'

September 27

Amory B308

Eleanor Gao, Lecturer in Middle Eastern Politics, IAIS, Exeter

ESRC Grant Proposal 'Not Free and not Fair: The impact of elections and appointment on legislative behaviour'

October 11

Amory B308

Nicholas Dickinson, PhD Researcher in Politics, Exeter, and Felix Christopher von Nostitz, Teaching Fellow, University of Lille

'Labour’s 2017 student vote in long-term perspective: changing voting patterns at the University of Exeter, 1979-2017' (draft article)

October 25

Amory A239C

Eva Thomann, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy, Exeter

'Europeanized solutions to common problems? The customization, outputs and outcomes of EU food safety directives' (chapter draft)

November 8

Amory B308

Clare Saunders, Professor of Environmental Politics, Cornwall

'Corbyn's Cornish Comrades. A preliminary exploration of a survey of rally participants' (draft article)

November 22

Amory B308

Amy McKay, Senior Lecturer in Politics, and Antal Wozniak, Research Fellow in Politics, Exeter

'Transparent-ish: Evaluating the UK Lobbying Register and Reported Information about Ministerial Meetings' (draft article)

December 6

Amory B308

Giulia Bazzan, visting PhD Student

'Towards efecctiveness of food safety regulation across Europe' (draft article)

Cemap/Q-Step 'Cake for Comments' research sessions (2016/17) supported by a SSIS ADR fund to discuss work in progress of SSIS researchers and visitors (Wednesdays 1-2)


September 28

Amory A115

Oscar Barbera, Visiting Professor from the University of Valencia

‘Brand New Parties and Interest Group Ties in Spain’ (draft article)

October 12

Amory A115

Nicholas Dickinson, PhD Student in Politics

‘Parliamentary Advice and Party Discipline in the House of Commons’ (draft article)

October 26

Amory A115

Lorien Jasny, Q-Step Lecturer in Politics

'Patterns of Participation: Investigating the Relationship Between Conventional and Unconventional Political Engagement' (article draft)

November 9

Amory A115

Christina Dargenidou, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, Business School

‘Fiscal Policy Implementation in Local Government: Evidence from Spanish municipal subsidiaries’ (draft article)

November 23

Amory A115

Amy McKay, Senior Lecturer, Politics


December 7

Amory A115

Felix-Christopher von Nostitz, PhD Student in Politics

‘Party Reform and Intra-Party Democracy in Europe’ (draft article)

Patricia Correa Vila, Research Fellow in Politics

‘Territorial Accommodation of State-wide Parties in Multi-level Systems’ (research proposal)


January 18

(Wednesday 12.30-1.30)

Amory B308

Claudio Radaelli, Professor of Political Science in Politics, and Claudius Wagemann, Professor of Social Science, Goethe University, Frankfurt

‘What did I leave out? Omitted Variables in Econometrics and Qualitative Comparative Analysis’ (draft article)

January 27

(Friday 12-1pm)

Amory A115

Alistair Clark, Senior Lecturer in Politics, University of Newcastle and Toby Jones, Senior Lecturer in Politics, UEA

‘Free and Fair? Electoral Administration in the 2016 EU Brexit Referendum’ (draft article)

February 8

Amory B308

Catarina Thomson, Lecturer in Security and Strategic Studies, SSI

‘Gray Zones and Boiling Frogs: Exploring Defender Preferences in Extended Deterrence’ (draft article)

February 16

(Thursday 12:30-2pm)

Forum Seminar Room 9

 Tim Bale, Queen Mary University, London

'Party Members in UK Labour' (research project)

March 1

Amory B308

Alison Harcourt, Professor of Public Policy, Politics

‘The multi-streams approach applied to self-regulatory fora: a case study in internet governance’ (draft article)

March 15

Amory B308

Ella Gao, IAIS and Kharis Templeman, Stanford University

‘When do elections help autocrats?: The plight of Palestinians under SNTV in Jordan’ (draft article)

March 22

Amory B308

Alexey Bessudnov, Q-Step Lecturer, Sociology, and Andrey Shcherbak, HSE St Petersburg

‘Ethnic Groups in the Russian Labour Market’ (draft article)

March 29

Amory B239C

Imir Rashid, Research Fellow, Politics

‘Civil Society Activism, the Public Interest and the Governance of Spectrum in Europe; (draft article)

July 11

XFI Board Room

Milka Ivanovska and Torill Stavenes, PhD Students in Politics

‘Constraining regulations – constrained members? A cross-organizational study of membership involvement in parties, advocacy groups and service organizations in Norway and the UK’ (draft article)

July 25

(Tuesday 1-2)

Building One: Marchant Syndicate Room A

Nena Oana, PhD Researcher CEU

 ‘Dynamic Representation: Collective Mobilization and Party Support’ (grant proposal)

 Cemap/Q-Step 'Cake for Comments' research sessions (2015/16)

September 16

Amory B315


Iulia Cioroianu, Q-Step Politics

‘The Role of Images in Online Political Communication: Studying the 2015 Elections Using New Automated Methods for Visual Content Analysis’ (a grant proposal)

September 30

Amory B308


Gabriel Katz, Lecturer Politics and Katya Kolpinskaya, Q-Step Politics

‘The effect of post-electoral communication frames on attitudes towards government: Evidence from a survey experiment after the 2015 British election’ (a draft article to be submitted to a journal)

October 14

Amory B308


Amy McKay, Senior Lecturer Politics

‘Distortion: Congruence Among the Policy Agendas of Citizens, Interest Groups, and Governments’ (a grant proposal)

October 28

Amory B308


Nils-Christian Bormann, HASS Fellow Politics

‘Internal Conflict Diffusion: Revisiting the Conflict Trap’ (an R&R article)


Followed by CEMaP Annual Meeting 2-3pm (same room)

November 4

Amory B142


Nicole Bolleyer, Politics and Raimondas Ibenskas, Marie Curie Fellow, Politics

'Political Parties - Just Electoral Vehicles? New Party Survival in Advanced Democracies 1968-2013' (draft article)

December 2

Room B142


Travis Coan, Q-Step Politics

‘Tracing the Narrative of Hate in the Rising Greek Far-Right' (a draft article co-authored with Constantine Boussalis, Trinity College Dublin and Elias Dinas, University of Oxford)

December 9

Amory B310


Claudia Zucca, Marie Curie Early Career Researcher

‘Measuring Party Competition through Network Modelling’ (a draft article)


Followed by Christmas Drinks 2-3pm (same room)

February 3

Amory B218


Katya Kolpinskaya, Q-Step Politics

‘Facets of substantive minority representation in Britain: Minority interests and their representatives in political and public debate, 1991-2015’ (grant proposal for the Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship)

February 17

Amory B143


John Maloney, Economics

‘Are Marginals Different?’ (paper draft)

February 24

Amory B308


Alexey Bessudnov, Sociology; Susan Banducci and Dan Stevens, Q-Step Politics

‘Childbirths and Political Interest’ (paper draft)

2 March

Amory B308


Patricia Correa Vila, Research Fellow, Politics and Juan Rodriguez-Teruel, Universitat de Valencia

‘Comparing Incentives and Party Activism in US and Europe: PSOE, PP and the California Democratic Party’ (paper draft)

11 May

Amory B143


Nicole Bolleyer, Nils Bormann and Felix von Nostitz, Politics

‘Conflict and Conflict Regulation in Political Parties’ (paper draft)

18 May

Amory B143


Catarina Thomson, SSI

TITLE TBC (paper draft)

25 May

Amory B143


External Speaker: Joost van Spanje, VU Amsterdam

‘Legal Action against Anti-Immigrant Parties in Advanced Democracies’ (research project)

8 June

Amory A239AB


Stephen Greasley and Gabriel Katz, Politics

‘Public Service Corporations: Estimating the Link between Public Scrutiny and Share Prices’ (paper draft)



  • Interdisciplinary CEMaP workshop on the The  Management of Intra-Organizational Dissent co-organized by Nicole Bolleyer (Politics) and Thomas Morton (Psychology) funded by a HASS (the Humanities and Social Sciences Strategy)Development Fund, June 11, Washington Singer, Streatham Court.
  • EU-funded Workshop on ‘Party Support and Party Evolution in Advanced and New Democracies’ organized by Raimondas Ibenskas and Nicole Bolleyer took place on 13th March 2015, University of Exeter, 11am-4pm, XFI, Seminar Room A.
  • CCNER workshop on Cross-national Electoral Research & Media Effects Research, June 16h 2014, NatCen Social Research, London.
  • CCNER workshop on Conducting Cross-Cultural Survey Research, 20th March 2014, Streatham Court.
  • Political Organisation in Transformation? The impact of State Regulation on Parties, Interest Groups, and NGOs in advanced Democracies. ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops (Salamanca, 10-15 April 2014).
  • CEMAP discussion of Lise Storm's Project on 'Expert Survey on Party Policy Positions in the Middle East and North Africa'. took place 13th March, IAIS Seminar Room 2. 
  • HASS social and political participation meeting Wednesday 26th February between 15:00-16:30 in Building One, Pearson Teaching Room. 
    Dr. Huseyin Cakal (Psychology) and Dr. Clemence Scalbert-Yucel (Arab and Islamic Studies) presented their work on institutions, identity & organisations. The topics covered will be economic factors, identity, and third-party (e.g., NGO, EU etc.) influences on political action.  
  • CCNER short course New Approaches to Comparative Electoral Research. American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois. 29 August - 1 September 2013
  • CCNER workshop Studying Electoral Competition: Methodological Challenges in Cross-National Research. 2013 annual conference of the Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP). 13 - 15 September 2013
  • CCNER sponsored workshop Multi-level Data Structures in Cross-National Electoral Research.  University of Exeter, UK
    18 June, 2013
  • ELECDEM and CEMaP sponsored seminar The Numbers Game - Why Everything You Know About Football is Wrongpresented by Professor Chris Anderson (Cornell University).  16 May 2013, Exeter UK
  • CCNER workshop New Approaches to Comparative Electoral Research held at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA).  26 August 2012, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
  • ELECDEM Multi-level training session presented by Prof Trevor Bailey.  26 - 27 July 2012, Exeter UK
  • ELECDEM closing conference: Progress in Electoral Research.  28 - 30 June 2012, Florence Italy
  • CCNER workshop Data Linkages in Cross-National Electoral Research held at the Annual Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA).  20 June 2012, WZB: Social Science Research Center, Berlin Germany
  • CCNER workshop Studying Electoral Competition in Multilevel Contexts: Challenges in Cross-National Research held at the Political Studies Association (PSA) Annual Conference.  20 April 2012, Belfast Northern Ireland
  • ELECDEM Workshop in Comparative Research Methods: Analysing Cross-National and Multi-level Data in the Social Sciences.  22 - 26 January 2012, Istanbul Turkey
  • ELECDEM seminar: The Genetics of Political Behaviour. Presented by A/Prof Peter Hatemi.  10 September 2011, Exeter UK 
  • ELECDEM seminar: Structural Equation Modelling with Cross-sectional Data. Presented by Dr John Transue.  9 September 2011, Exeter UK
  • EPOP 2011: Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP) is the largest specialist group of the UK Political Studies Association.  The 2011 EPOP annual conference was held at the University of Exeter, from 9-11 September 2011.
  • CCNER Launch and Workshop: University of Exeter, 8 September 2011
  • ELECDEM Workshop in Advanced Techniques for Political Communication Research: Content Analysis.  20 - 24 March 2011, Amsterdam The Netherlands
  • ELECDEM seminar: How to Win Hearts and Minds? The Political Sociology of the Support for Suicide Bombing. Presented by Dr Giacomo Chiozza.  25 November 2010, Exeter UK
  • ELECDEM seminar: The Electoral Consequences of Parties’ Policy Shifts: Who Reacts, When, and How? Presented by Prof James Adams.  21 - 22 October 2010, Exeter UK
  • Jointly sponsored short course in Challenges and Opportunities in Cross-national Electoral Research.  31 July 2010, Essex UK.  This course was jointly sponsored by the ELECDEM, PIREDEU and CCNER research projects, CSES and the ECPR Standing Group: Public Opinion and Voting Behavior from a Comparative Perspective.
  • ELECDEM Workshop in Experimental Methods.  28 June - 2 July 2010, Brussels Belgium
  • ELECDEM Workshop in Electoral Survey Design.  30 April - 4 May 2010, Budapest Hungary
  • CEMaP Seminar: “Presidential Power and Democracy in Africa: Some Preliminary Thoughts”. Babatunde Oseni (Exeter). 25 November, 2009.
  • "Balancing Preferences:  A Theory of Small Party Survival in Western Europe." Jae Jae Spoon (University of Iowa). 20 November, 2009. 13:00-15:00. Amory A128.
  • ELECDEM Kick-off Conference: Challenges of Electoral Research. University of Exeter. 18-20 November, 2009.
  • "Do Voters use Social Network data to Make Strategic Voting Decisions?" Emily Clough (Newcastle University) 16 November, 2009. 17:00-18:30. Amory 417.
  • ELECDEM Training event. Ecological Inference workshop. Martin Elff (Essex). 2 November, 2009. 14-17:00. Amory B142,
  • ELECDEM Training event. Refresher session on "OLS, Logit and Probit Models". Robert Hodgson (Exeter). 29 October, 2009.11-17:00 SWMTC library (Amory Room 255).
  • CEMaP Seminar: "Party System Institutionalization in Turkey and the AKP" Mark Herzog (Exeter). 21 October. 12-1 (Amory B106)
  • "The 2009 European Parliamentary Elections and the Future of Europe". Demonic Brett (Public Diplomacy), Humphrey Temperley (Devon County Council and MEP Candidate), Adrian Green (Electoral Commission), and Andre Krouwel (Electoral Compass). 1 May 2009.
  • "The U.S. Presidential Election- A Roundtable Event", Regenia Gagnier (Exeter), Susan Banducci (Exeter), Tereza Capeols (Surrey), John Rigby (BBC News), Jeffrey Karp (Exeter), and Dan Stevens (Exeter). 29 October 2008.
  • "Voters, Coalitions & Democratic Accountability workshop". University of Exeter, 5th & 6th October 2007. Funded by British Academy.
  • "Communicating Europe in the News and in Public Opinion workshop", University of Exeter, 15th - 16th March, 2007. Funded by British Academy.
  • The Irish Voter seminar paper, Professor Michael Marsh, Trinity College Dublin, 6th December 2006.
  • The Comparative Method seminar paper, Professor Todd Donovan, Western Washington University, 16th November 2006.
  • Geography & Electoral Landslides seminar paper, Professor Ron Johnston, University of Bristol, 15th November 2006.